Thursday, 18 March 2010

French Roses Too.

I finished it. By lunchtime on Tuesday I was all done and my latest offering was going round in the washing machine. I always like to give my quilts a rinse and a turn in the tumbler before they get used. It's a bit washed out here, the next picture shows the colour better.
The fluffy edges have started their journey. As you can see, I stuck to my usual less is more and very simple style of quilting.
Eventually even the label will have fluffy edges. I decided to try out the letters program on my sewing machine. It was fun and I think I'll be doing this some more.
So I spent the afternoon sat with my cross stitch. My bear has the beginnings of a purse.
I'm on a late shift today, I'd like to do a little more cross stitch, but my sewing machine is calling to me. I was designing quilts in my head last night and really need to get some paper out and do a little maths. I don't think DD will be waiting very long before she sees progress on French Roses Again!
Take care.


Jenny said...

That's a pretty quilt. I love the neutral shades in it

Shiree said...

oooh I like this, it is on my to-do-list, I even have the fabric from the Stitchery closing down sale!!! Deb (aka Angel & the Pukeko) is doing this one too!!

Miss 376 said...

It's lovely, I can imagine how beautiful it will be with fluffy edges

Allie said...

That is SUCH a pretty quilt!!!! I love the fluffy edges!

Janice said...

It turned out really well. The colours are so lovely and soft.

Karen said...

I made a practice block of the French Roses quilt but have not gone any further. Yours has a soft muted look that I like.

Deb said...

Loving your french roses, must finish mine, its ready to sandwich and then I have a nother one to make.
hugs Deb