Thursday, 4 March 2010

I felt the need to wash the kitchen floor!

And here's why. It's the only hard surface big enough to pin baste quilts!
The two borders went on yesterday and I found some fabric for backing, it's a curtain back, but I'm happy enough with that. The batting is my usual dream green, hence the slight green tinge.
There are no pins in it yet, so guess where I'll be for the next half hour.
Take care.


Miss 376 said...

Have fun. It's lovely to see it all spread out

Quilt Hollow said...

I hadn't tried that batting. Will there be any show through on the lighter fabrics? Your quilt is wonderful...I still remember mopping often! Hee!!

Gina said...

It looks great.
I like the remark about washing the kitchen floor. Mal always knows when I'm ready to lay a quilt out as I hoover the lounge more than once a week

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Allie said...

It's beautiful - lucky you if it only takes half an hour to pin baste! It seems to take me forever.

AnnieO said...

You're only estimating a half hour for pinning? You're way faster than I am! :)

Looking very very pretty.

I put my largest cutting mat down and tape my quilts to the carpet over it, then reach in afater carefully releasing a few pieces of tape and slide it around to pin my quilts. Of course, this doesn't work on large quilts...for that I have to borrow my mom's floor!

sewkalico said...

Love the border with all the squares!
I find such a hard floor a killer to baste on! My poor bones afterwards are not happy at all. Now I do the Sharon Schamber way where I sit at a table. It does take longer, but it makes it nice and flat to quilt on and doesn't hurt as much!
You are really going like a boeing on this quilt and the colours are so nice and neutral.

Amy said...

I love the colortones and pattern! It's beautiful. I am pretty sure that I only scrub my dining room floor if I need to baste...or if one of the kids gets sick!