Friday, 20 August 2010


Yesterday was a very long day, I got home exhausted, not long before 10pm. It was a 17 hour day, but lots of fun. I had a lie in this morning and didn't get up until 08.30.
Seeing as how I uploaded my photos in the wrong order, you get to see this first. On Wednesday I added the borders to the shirty quilt, well I added that plain blue one, then put on the first piece of the darker outer border and promptly pulled it right off! Ugh, it was not right.
I'll quilt and bind this one with just that blue border. I also pieced the back using the backs of the shirts and seeing as they were cut, I made up the slight shortfall with the strips I cut for the second border. Hmm, no picture of that. I'll sort one out. I also pieced together two large pieces of batting. Today I plan to layer and quilt this piece. I didn't correct the mistake I spotted after the final seam was sewn. It stays, I'm NOT fixing it. This is a scrappy quilt, not an exercise in excellence.
Yesterday was wonderful, I didn't quite get that same sensory overload I had last year, well I knew what to expect this time. LOL I travelled over with my Mum and two of my sisters, not that we saw them! They wandered off on their own. Mum and I met up with Jenny, who had arrived on a coach. Hmm, no picture of Jenny either, well I did get her arm on something! LOL
It was lovely to meet up with her and look around together. I took quite a few pictures which I'll share another time. I was pretty good on the shopping front. Two patterns....
A book and some fabric precuts. Yes, thats the Fig Tree Quilts Breakfast at Tiffanys. Yum, yum. You know I love that stuff.
Mum bought a whole bunch of African inspired fabrics and several African animal panels. She doesn't sew! Guess who gets to play with those? Oh! And she would like 'them' finished by Christmas! Of my sisters, one was smuggling her bag into the house, the other was very good and only bought a few items.
I'm going to go and stroke my fabrics some more, then just maybe after lunch I'll be able to spread shirty out and start pinning.


Mandy Noble said...

Ooh such yummy goodness!! I can't wait till I go tomorrow!

Janice said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful, if tiring day. It would have been fun looking around with a fellow blogger. Love your purchases and both your patterns by Aussie designers. Can't wait to see your shirt quilt finished. I think leaving in your mistake will add character.

Miss 376 said...

Looks like a good day was had, the exhaustion was a small price to pay

Jenny said...

Yes definitely leave in the mistake, all the best quilters do! Had a lovely time yesterday, hope to meet up again soon!

Ali Honey said...

Lovely goodies. You didn't say where you went....but I am guessing it was Birmingham....cause lots of other have blogged about that.
What a long exciting day.

Cardygirl said...

Nice treasures...I like your quilt top too! we all make our quilts individual! Leave in your changes.