Friday, 13 August 2010


As suggested I got stuck into the shirty project yesterday. I finished off these pieces.
Made and finished some of these.
And some of these.
I have a little trimming to do, then next week I'll be able to assemble the top!
As I got carried away and cut too many 5'' squares I used the extras to make these..
I haven't decided if I'll use them in the back or as a little side project. Either way I'll need to chop up some more bits of shirt.
While watching a movie last night I knitted another two full ripples on my blanket, I won't bore you with that, suffice to say it looks very similar to yesterdays picture!
Right at the last minute, just before the office closed, the perfect job for me popped on to the job centre website, so today I'm impatiently waiting for a response to my request for more details etc. Hopefully an email will arrive soon. I have a late shift today, so have the morning to compose the perfect covering letter and tweak my CV once again.
All those with contorted phalanges, keep 'em crossed just a little longer please.
I'm off to make a cuppa while I wait.


Miss 376 said...

Hopefully you would have the details now, best of luck with it.

Janice said...

Everything is crossed for you.
I'm looking forward to the progress of your new quilt. It looks like it will be nice and fresh.

Lynda said...

I'm typing with fingers croosed - that's why I can't spell! The shirt fabrics are looking so fresh and I'm intrigued as to the design.