Sunday, 16 January 2011

The quilt with no name.

This afternoon I found time to bury the quilting threads and attach the binding to the shirt quilt. (I really don't know what to call it!) Because I completed the binding using my sewing machine rather than by hand, I didn't get to give it the first snuggle test. Someone else did. LOL

This quilt has proved difficult to photograph. I've tried all different lights, from room lights, to the daylight lamp, from natural sunshine, to dull cloudy days like today and I still didn't get a true representation of the colours. Suffice to say it's quite pale and will probably require frequent visits to the laundry basket.
As I mentioned before I really haven't come up with a suitable name for this one, but I don't really want to call it the shirt quilt forever. I need your help to name it please. If I use one of your suggestions I'm sure I'll be able to reward whoever came up with the winning name.
I'm off to veg out for an hour before starting dinner.



I forgot to say, this quilt is directly inspired by Bonnie Hunters quilt 'Smokey Mountain Stars'. Thanks for the elbow in the ribs Leeann. :-)


Leeanne said...

Hi! thanks for popping over to visit my blog. Well lovely quilt.Not sure if you got this pattern from Bonnie Hunter or not, but Bonnie has one just like this called SMOKY MOUNTAIN STARS.
What about:Scrappy Shirts on a Starry Mountain?
Too long maybe, very nice none the the use of the shirts.

Leeanne said...

P.S LOVE the wee sewing machine and your name being written.

Jenny said...

How about something like "Subtle Shirting Stars"?

Ali Honey said...

Love the feet!
" No Collar and Tie, " perhaps.
Maybe The Bad Tempereed Quilt. ( as in shirty )

Jewells said...

How does "Starlight Blue" sound for a name?.. I really love this quilt, as blue is my favourite colour!...cheers

Miss 376 said...

First thing that came to mind-"tails an' all".
Someone looks very happy with it already

Little Mysteries said...

I love your quilt. How about stars and shirt tails ?

AnnieO said...

How about Blue Smoke?

black bear cabin said...

its beautiful!!!
how about
"shirt off his back"
"shirting stars"

Rose Marie said...

Since you made this gorgeous quilt out of shirts .... what about "Thrifty Stars"????

Mad about Craft said...

Shirty stars!

Ann J said...

Galactic Blues ?