Saturday, 1 January 2011

SSCS Revealed

My SSCS partner was Vickie. She has a whole section on her blog detailing her likes and dislikes. LOL That made life a little easier I can say. In fact, that is what inspired me to state on one of my own posts at the time, that I love blue. Hmm, perhaps I should add a little more detail to my profile. Anyway, on with the show. I know Chooky has some posts all prepared with images of all the gifts we have sent, but here is what I gifted to Vickie.
I showed off a few of these little tree ornaments, and sent several as gifts to friends and family.
I had fun playing in the button tin looking for just the right buttons to be the trunk of the tree or a bucket at the bottom. I saved one for my own tree too.
As Vickie's main gift I made the 'Baseco' bag designed by Dawn Hay. Vickie said that she loves pink, rather than go entirely pink I purchased a fat quarter pack and a little extra green yardage of a range called Grand mothers garden. Isn't it so pretty? I had fun playing about with more buttons and some silk roses.
Rather than pinch the sides together with cotton tape I used a pretty pink ribbon which I rescued and reused off some packaging, it was just too nice to throw away, even if it does have writing on the other side.
I went with the less is more theory of quilting and stuck to some very simple straight line in the ditch quilting.
Tucked inside the bag were a few little extras which I made from off cuts of the same fabric. This little case holds pink scissors and a tiny needle book, but I forgot to photograph them.
I covered an appointment diary
And made a pear pin cushion. These pears are fast becoming my signature, I've made several now for swaps and giveaways.
I do enjoy making them, they are so versatile and look a little different each time. The fairies are gifts from Christmases past. I especially like the sewing fairy, she was a gift from a service user.
I do hope every one had a wonderful Christmas. I certainly did. I was spoiled rotten and even managed to get two days off work. Christmas Eve and Christmas day. :-) I was surrounded by family and friends on both days and loved having everyone in my home. Although I wasn't at work on New Years Eve I was on call, so we had a quiet evening at home and watched the London fireworks on the TV. I wish each and every one of you and very prosperous and happy new year, may 2011 bring peace and joy to all.
We have a new rota at work which begins on Monday, I'm not sure how that is going to affect my sewing time, we'll have to wait and see. LOL I'll have to find my sewing room anyway, it became a bedroom/dumping room over Christmas. I see a major tidy up in my near future.


Thimbelina said...

What beautiful gifts...I bet Vickie was thrilled!

Miss 376 said...

What pretty colours, makes for a delightful bag and pear.
Hope you all have a good year too

Gina E. said...

Hi Loulee, thanks for your comment on my blog a few minutes ago! Have you ever posted photos on here of the CQ items you have received from Pam K? She sure is a beautiful spirit.
Best wishes for a very happy new Year. You've started it well with all those wonderful gifts!

Janice said...

Lucky Vicki. Her gifts are lovely. The Baseco Bag is a really great pattern, a good size and looks fantastic. Lovely bits and pieces hiding inside as well.

Lynda said...

The bag is delectable! Pretty but not sickly!

Chookyblue...... said...

love the gifts you made for Vickie.........very nice.........

Vickie said...

I so love the items you made for me loulee and the, and the colours are just perfect for me..the pear is so cute not sure I will be able to stab it with a pin..thanks again for an awesome swap,cheers Vickie

Janet said...

I know it's late, but Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!