Tuesday, 11 January 2011


We've been getting some regular visitors where I work recently.
One of the service users has been feeding the birds. It's not just black birds and finches who are coming to visit though. We also have some more exotic varieties calling in for a feed. Today I counted 3 male pheasants and a juvenile male. There were about a dozen female pheasants, a few Quail. There were also the usual black birds and seemingly hundreds of finches, including Bull finches, green finch chaffinch blue tits, a flight of collared doves took off before I could get their picture.
I took these photos today with my cell phone, so not the greatest images.
There are two big male pheasants up in the willow tree. They are kind of hard to see, but they are there I assure you. LOL
The person who feeds them scatters seed by the fence and the birds like to shelter in the hedge line.
It's quite a nice garden, but the moment you try to get outside to take a picture....

Poof! They're gone. The pictures should be clicky so you can get a closer look.
No sewing, just work, work, work and a few rows of knitting. I finished that scarf I was working on and cast on for a hat. In my shuffling around of furniture, I've hopefully got myself set up to do some cross stitching this year. I did do a little last year, and hope to do more this year.
Curried left overs for tea, quick and easy. :-)

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Angie said...

I'm totally in love with feeding and watching the birds. I am trying to do some quilting again...alas, I spend most of my time at the window with the camera in my hands. :) Would love to see a pheasant.