Wednesday, 16 March 2011

An acquisition

My DD kay turned up yesterday, she brought me flowers and took me out for lunch. Yum. We also had a quick look around the shops. Kay bought some cards and I found a not so old quilt hanger in a junk shop. It's a little on the wibbly wobbly side, but I'm hoping my Hunney can do something about that. Right now it's upstairs being used as nature intended it.
Speaking of Upstairs.
Before DD and I went out for lunch, we took a cuppa upstairs and I finished quilting the Butterfly Fling top. I trimmed the edges and it now awaits maybe a little more quilting, or maybe I'll just add the binding and call it done.
Currently it just has simple almost in the ditch quilting across the rows. I'm thinking maybe I should do the same down the columns too. But a little voice is tempting me to just bind it! I'll keep you posted.
Once home from our lunch and shopping I got out my cross stitch and sat stitching while we chatted.
My purple and mauve blob has grown a little, and sprouted some leaves. I took a break to say goodbye and throw a casserole into the oven, then kept on stitching until a late dinner time.
I go back to work today, albeit on a short shift. LOL Still making efforts to use up some of that time I'm owed. I have a meeting this afternoon with a government H&S officer, so I couldn't take the whole day off, instead I'll hopefully only be there for a couple of hours. Tomorrow I'm back to work for real, on a late shift. Phew, I've had a long and slack weekend. Just a shame I didn't find a little more stitchy time.
It's surprising what goes passed your third storey windows! More about that tomorrow!


Miss 376 said...

Oh, I love the quilt rack. I'm trying to get DS1 to develop his woodworking skills to make me one

Farm Girl said...

Your quilt is looking great, I love the bright colours.
Hydrangea is growing too - looks good.