Monday, 21 May 2012

Repair Jobs.

My brothers MIL recently had a small household disaster and as a part of the clean up, they came across this. Apparently Granny was an avid crocheter. This beautiful twin bed size Afghan has been loved so much it's beginning to fall apart. 
 As well as this huge hole which goes across the whole width of the blanket, there are several smaller holes.
 I said I would TRY to fix it. My plan is to find a yarn colour that hasn't already been used in this scrappy beauty.
 So that hopefully my repairs will blend in, but will all be the same and recognisable.
There are lots more holes, every time I look at it I see more. Some are tiny. Wish me luck.
My own crochet monster continues to grow. I'm still resisting the urge to throw it over the bed to see how much longer I need to make it. I do know that I will have to get the clicky finger busy and buy some more of the yarn though. Boy did I ever under estimate!!
I have a late shift today, and loads to do before I get in the rest of my me time.


Kris said...

I love your description of the clicky finger! I love crochet!

black bear cabin said...

what a pretty blanket...i love all the colors! good luck fixing it...looks like a lot of work, but worth it! :)