Monday, 30 June 2014

That's a strange birdie!

I'll  get back to the bird watch report later!
I feel like I have more to report this time.  We've had a pretty busy weekend, but I still found time to stitch!
My Geisha is progressing. Those blue stitches on the left mark the bottom of the page, so nearly half way done.  
I am enjoying stitching on her in the late afternoons and evenings.
 I also managed to get back to my sewing machine!
I started this simple project week before last, but gave up in a huff when I couldn't find my elastic!
I went out and bought some in the end, but didn't get back to this until Saturday.
 Nothing special, just a plastic bag collector. Not that we gather many of them, I'm lucky enough to own some beautiful grocery bags made for me by some wonderful friends. :-)
This collector is made from a Manx Tea-towel. My brother gave me loads of them for Christmas. 
Now I just need to work out what to do with the other half of it!
I wasn't alone while I stitched. As well as the feeder at the front of the house, I also have one hanging in the tree outside my play room. 
 On warm days the jasmine bush out there smells so sweet and the tree beside it is busy with birds.
It's mostly the little white eyes and finches who feed here, I think it's a bit cramped for the larger starlings.

Speaking of finches. As well as the pretty coloured gold finches, I have also spotted some green finches who visit regularly.
However, no one visits when this strange looking bird appears! 
Hmmmmm! I said I would try some citrus peel around the bottom of the frame. That seems to have worked. Well I haven't seen him up there since I put the peel out, so keeping my fingers crossed.
After my huff the other week, when I couldn't find anything and tripping over boxes still, Tony and I agreed that I needed more storage in my play room. Something accessible. We didn't want to spend too much at this time as we have another move to make yet and didn't want to be stuck with a piece of furniture that may not work or be needed in our next /last/ forever home.
So we agreed on these cheap pine shelves, if they are surplus to MY requirements in future, they will be great in a man cave or shed. Todays project for me, is to get some more boxes unpacked and have a good tidy up out there.
As I said, we had a very busy weekend.
We were out Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.
We shopped for and built shelves.
Visited family.
And drank far too much alcohol!
Sunday was almost a day off.
We stayed home and caught up on the laundry


QuiltSue said...

Good grief, you must have been busy if you count doing the washing as a day off!

Janice said...

They do breed odd birds over there. Have you found out their name? Maybe the pussy finch? Here's hoping the citrus works. We won't mention my cat. Grrrrrr! Your geisha is growing nicely. Have fun playing with your boxes. Do I spy a certain cupboard that I may have seen before, no longer in the kitchen? It will be perfect in there.

Diane-crewe said...

it is so good to see that you are settling in and making a home not only with the "old" stuff .. but the new as well x Hope the unusual bird finds a new perch to visit x