Friday 15 April 2011

Squishy Mail

Remember this cross stitch? I was struggling with it, then Jewells came to my rescue, she loved it. (she loves all things teddy bear) You have no idea how much that helped me out. When I read how much she likes bears and that she really did like the piece, my very first instinct was to give it to her, she was welcome to it. Realising how easy it would be to give it away sealed it's fate. I made the decision to stop working on it and gift it to Jewells. It felt like a load had been lifted.
Now Jewells is a sweetheart and wanted to repay me, so I got a squishy in the mail yesterday. I had let on that I'm collecting dark /navy blue for a 'don't hold your breath waiting' project. And yesterday I got a squishy package in the mail. Did I run for the camera, so that you would see the grand opening? Did I let the anticipation build? Did I heck as like, I ripped open the packaging and threw it all over the floor, eager to see what was inside. :-)

Jewells had included three pretty blue fabrics, a wash cloth and two of her special spoons. Thank you Jewells, what a lovely gift to welcome me home from my travels.
 Thank you again to everyone for your congratulations for Tony. I keep catching him with a little smile on his face, an excited little 'I did it' moment. It's so cool to see that.
 There has been a bit of an accident with my work rota, and somehow I've been given a third week off! What a shame..... My boss did offer to undo it, but I think I'll take the time anyway, I'm sure I'll find something to do. ;-p

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Jane said...

Great mail, and even better to find you have an extra weeks holiday