Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Lots of things.

Firstly I can show off some secret stitching. Remember a couple of weeks ago I was busy with secret stuff? I was busy making these armchair caddys. One for my penpal in Murray bridge Australia, and the other for another Australian! Janice of course.
They were fun to make. 
I also used up some left over blocks from the string quilt to make pot holders.
 I forgot to take a picture of it, but a little while ago I came across some fabric with classic motorcycles on it, I just had to buy some of that for Janice and her husband Mick.
Janice has also been busy stitching away in secret! 
Look at the beautiful bag she made for me. I love it!
And it's blue. :-)
Here's a closer peep at the lovely stitched panel.
Thank you Janice.
I have used it already, it was the perfect size for a quick trip to the shop yesterday.
Did I say that my endangered babies cross stitch was my very last WIP?
Look what I came across while I was stash diving!
 I'm not sure if it qualifies as a Work in progress, a UFO, or a PHD.
I acquired this poor headless Santa from a lady who had become too ill to cross stitch. It was originally a kit, I got most of it. One very grubby UFO, a rather battered but still usable chart and the model picture, but alas no threads. Now, I know there had been a house fire, so maybe that accounts for the grubbiness and lack of threads. Fortunately the thread list had survived on the back of the chart, good old DMC, so that's not a problem. The UFO however....
I gave it a good soak and even scrubbed it in places, it looks so much better. There are however still s few marks.  Two hoop halos. One rusty needle stain and a mysterious liquid stain. Looking at the chart and the model I think/hope that most of the marks will be covered by stitches, so I'm going to make this my next stitch. It will be a nice memory of a wonderful lady.
The Endangered babies have progressed rather nicely. I got quite a bit done the other day, the panda is almost complete, then closer inspection of the chart and the model picture revealed that I had a lot more back stitch to do than I realised. I hadn't completed it on the tiger and hadn't even started to back stitch the seal! 6-7 hours later and I'm all up to date with that and can go back to getting the panda completed.
Janice called just a short time ago, she and Mick are up north today and invited me to spend some time with them, that will be wonderful. :-)


Jenny said...

What a beautiful blue bag - I'm a blue lover too.
And another coincidence - I have a (quilting) pen friend in Murray Bridge too. I must send her a message. Wouldn't it be funny if it was the lady?

Chookyblue...... said...

love the presents you and Janice exchanged........