Monday, 21 May 2018

A quick update post.

My return to work has slowed things down a little, but I have still been working on Spring Queen, and finally managed to complete the bottom half of the chart.
I opted to leave the beading for now and add it later, once all of the cross stitches are complete.
The top half of the chart doesn't have quite so many stitches, but there are some very pretty colours to come as she is holding a bouquet of spring flowers. I'm looking forward to those.
Although I am now able to return to work, I still ended up going back to my doctor as after a couple of hours I started to sound like Scooby Doo again. I have a different antibiotic to take and he also took some swabs from my throat, to make sure nothing else is going on. After a week on the new meds, I do feel much better and the weird voice has almost gone, it didn't set in until the end of my shift on Friday, which is a huge improvement. Many of the regular customers commented on my return and were happy to see me back. That was nice. :-)
My chores for today are done, and now it's play time.


Janice said...

Spring Queen is certainly coming along nicely now. Glad to hear that you are feeling much better.

AnnieO said...

Very pretty stitching so far! I know you’re enjoying it :)
Glad the throat issue seems to be leaving.

Karen S said...

Good that you were able to get back to work but take care still.

Brigitte said...

Great progress on your Spring Queen.
Good that you have overcome your illness and could go back to work.