Wednesday, 24 April 2019

A Huge Crochet Finish.

I'll have to find something else to keep me warm in the evenings as last night I finished my brothers BIG blanket. After a quick measure over our bed on Sunday, just to ensure it is long enough, I started to add setting triangles into the tops of the zigzags.
I finished those yesterday then set about adding a very simple and narrow border.
 Just before going to bed last night I rolled it up and left it to rest.
I'm in love with it, it is quite heavy and drapes beautifully. I know for a fact that it is very cosy, it even looks warm in those lovely natural tones. I want to keep on going with it.... 
The ladies in the store where I have been buying the wool have asked to see it, so it will get an outing today.
The question I ask myself now is, what next? I didn't finish our own blanket yet. I thought it was finished, and we have been using it on our bed, but I keep saying I need to make it bigger, add a border, do more..... LOL
On the other hand, look what the postie brought yesterday.
A beautiful squishy package of Attic 24 colours.
This is Lucy's Cottage Colours collection. I'm very tempted to start using them today...
She uses these colours in one of her ripple blankets. I think however I'll be using them for a cosy stripe. 
But first, I have to be domestic. I didn't do a thing yesterday, so I had better make up for that today. 


Ali Honey said...

I love the finished blanket. What a beauty!
I also like the new wool....yummy.

Maria said...

What a fabulous huge crocheted blanket.. Have fun adding a pretty border to your blanket.

Jenny said...

Congratulations, what a wonderful big cuddly blanket!

Janice said...

Your brother will love his blanket.......just in time for summer. LOL 😂 If it was me, I’d be itching to start the Lucy rug. It will be so pretty and the stitch you have chosen will look fantastic.

Karen S said...

That is a lovely finish. Lovely work.

Raewyn said...

I adore your blanket - I'm sure your brother will love it!! And delicious Attic 24 squishyness too - I've been drooling over her colours and yarn too - did you get them from the UK - or a closer supplier?