Friday, 5 April 2019

And there's more!

 Remember Sleepy?
I first introduced her to you back in August of 2014. I promised not to bore you with her as she is a large piece.  A few days later I showed the very first progress shot.  
Then I must have kept my promise as I have only about 18 progress images in my records here on the PC, but she wasn't completed until 25th January 2016.
On Wednesday, after hanging in the cupboard for three years, I finally mounted her onto an acid free canvas.
I added a trim of pretty flesh pink tape that looks sew much better in real life than it does here.
and now she is hanging on the wall in our hall way, in a position of Tonys choosing!
I was going for the bedroom, well, she is asleep, but Tony insisted on the hall.
So here is in, slumbering in her bower.
Flash photography, sorry it's rather overcast and dark today.
At 19 x 17 inches she is the largest piece I have ever cross stitched. Would I do it again?
Probably. Small pieces are fun and, as you know I've stitched plenty of them, but I love a challenge.
Speaking of larger projects, I have an hour before I have to think about getting ready for work, so I'm off to play with my latest stitchy challenge. Spring Queen here I come. She is progressing v.e.r.y. slowly.

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Janice said...

It's so good to see these beautiful pieces out of the cupboard.