Wednesday, 7 August 2019

A little sewing.

So my arm is still sore! Knitting and crochet are still on hold. I tried cross stitch and it became uncomfortable after a short time.....
Sew, back into my room I went, looking for something to occupy me. 
I used an advent panel to make up this advent calendar. I added ribbons to the gifts and buttons as tree embellishments. 
I had to take my time, even feeding the fabric into the sewing machine became uncomfortable toward the end.So I made and quilted it on one day and bound it another day, closing it by hand. Then on a third day I hand stitched on the ribbons and buttons. 
I still have to add a hanging sleeve, something for a forth day!!
All of the discomfort aside, I did enjoy making it and wanted to make some more. The girls and I will be attending a Christmas craft fair soon and I thought/hope these might sell. 
I shopped on the internet as my local store didn't have anything available.
 This blue one caught my eye.
 And another one with Santa on.
I ordered them yesterday, and they were delivered today. 
That was quick.
I'm not going to sew today, I'm going to rest my arm and will make a start on them next week.
My Doctor says my wrist may take quite some time to mend, even if I do managed to rest completely.......
I'll try to rest it, but there are so many things I want to do.
You know how it is right?


Janice said...

I’m sure they will sell as they are lovely. So much nicer than the commercial ones in the shops. Blast your wrist for slowing you down.

Karen S said...

It looks like you will really have to take a step back and slow down to ensure a good recovery. Take care.

Jenny said...

Try to rest, you are told, but there are always things you should do, must do, want to do! It must be rather difficult for you. How do you manage at work, I wonder?

Ali Honey said...

Look after yourself...keep warm..... maybe read that will rest your wrist. Frustrating I know.

Maria said...

Your wrist would be so annoying and frustrating...
It's good you can slowly work on the Advent Wall Hanging..
The new panels look great and I'm sure they sell.