Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Concentric Wobbling!

Yesterday was a loooooooong day. It took me ages to pin the layers together, with two restarts! Then I figured I would be better off marking all the circles, so that took a while too. I started to quilt around my blue lines, the first two rounds were OK.
Then I came across a tuck, so I unquilted and re pinned! Then there was another tuck! So I unquilted and re pinned. Short story, I got totally fed up and there are three tucks on this quilt. All on the FRONT! The back is a little wavy, but fine and the front has tucks. Grrrr. My circles ended up a little wobbly in my efforts to ease out yet more tucks! LOL This morning I have wrestled with the borders, I managed to ease things so there are no tucks there, but I'll not celebrate that one until I get the binding on. All thread ends are tidied and snipped and the edges have had a final trim and the binding fabric is sat here looking at me, time to cut a bunch of strips.
I'll be glad when this one is finished.
I hope things are going better for you.
Take care.


Jenny said...

I know the feeling well! Do you have room to lay out your quilt on the floor or on a table? That seems to help, especially if you use masking tape to hold it all down.

Miss 376 said...

It would have been a lot worse if I had done it. I am sure the bindings will go on just fine

sewkalico said...

It's a big quilt, so it's not surprising that you had a few little tucks. I'm sure only you will know they are there!!

em's scrapbag said...

It only adds to the character of the quilt. I think this quilt is lovely and no one will notice the flaws but you.