Saturday, 13 February 2010

Did I tell you how much I dislike hospitals?

Jonny is still in hospital. He is having difficulty breathing and cannot keep food down, not even ice cream. I did go in to see him yesterday and will be there with him for a while today. I took cordial and jelly (Jello) yesterday. Today I'll take a Thermos with ice cubes!
I really couldn't settle to anything yesterday and flickered through magazines and books. I rifled through my scraps and after a few hours came up with a pear!
I'll need to put some pretty stitches up the seams. I couldn't believe the mess I came home too. Did I do that? There won't be much happening today, maybe tomorrow or Monday I'll start cutting more scraps for my next quilt. I'm off to do my shopping before I go see my boy.


sewkalico said...

I do hope your son gets better soon!!

Miss 376 said...

Love the pear, but sorry to hear about your son. Lets hope who your TLC will encourage him to get better really soon

Allie said...

I'm saying a prayer for your son!

Shiree said...

Hi Loulee,
gosh, so bad about your son being in hospital,but guess he in the best place, and once those AB's and fluids kick in he will be right in no time. Just so you can spoil him a bit huh. Love the placemats!

Ali Honey said...

I hope you can be a strong Mum and put your dislike aside for jonny's sake.It sounds like he is having a rough time - I do hope that improves soon. Your pear is cute.

Do you know why you hate hospitals so much???

Janice said...

Let's hope Jonny gets over this infection really soon. I bet he hates being in hospital too. At least you aren't having to try and juggle work with everything else. I love the pear - sewing is always something to keep you busy and distracted.