Monday, 15 February 2010

Sons and Lilies.

Jonny is slowly mending. His throat is still pretty swollen, but he is able to eat and keep food down at last. He's still only picking at ice cream and jelly, but it's a start. Thank you to everyone who sent healing thoughts and good wishes.
A colleague of mums has given me a huge pile of fabric. There are lots of quite big pieces, some off the roll and some samples. Curtain fronts and backs as well as some old cushion covers. There were one or two pieces of polyester, they barely stayed in the house 10 minutes! LOL Ew! I hate that stuff.
There are also a couple of pieces of linen. They are both quite big and I may use them as quilt backs. What do you think?
As a thank you I made her a shopping bag. Well, mum had been boasting about my bags.
(Scuse the laundry awaiting it's turn) I just made up a quick very basic bag which she can carry a few purchases in. It has a pocket to keep her keys and purse from being buried at the bottom.
Once that was done I set about making some sense from the fabrics DS Joe had chosen for his next quilt. I let him lose in the scraps box and he promptly rejected 90% of the contents, after a little reasoning and some bargaining we came up with enough fabric for a good sized quilt.
I started with the blues, but I assure you, there will be other colours. I've never done foundation piecing before, I quite enjoyed the experience. The pattern is from a back issue of Australian Patchwork and Quilting. I'll give more info another time.
My dear Husband bought me the most beautiful Valentine card, filled with love heart sprinkles and there was a delivery of Stargazer Lilies (Christmas Lilies). I don't think there could have been any left in the shop. There were also some red roses hiding in there. We spent the evening together watching a movie. Though I was also stitching away, closing the bindings on my place mats.
My time off work is running out and I feel like I'm not going to achieve all that I wanted to. I'm off to sew for a while.
Take care.


Janice said...

I'm glad Jonny has turned the corner. It sounds like you were very spoilt for Valentines Day. Looking forward to seeing Joe's quilt progress.

Miss 376 said...

Now he is on the mend, hopefully it won't be too long before your son will be back home. I think you've managed to get a lot done with your time off. Look forward to seeing Joe's quilt

Allie said...

SO glad Jonny is on the mend! What a nice pile of fabrics - but I'm with you on the poly, lol, ick. The bag you made is lovely.

Sweet hubby to get you flowers!