Saturday, 8 January 2011


On Christmas day my Mum went to my brothers place for her dinner. So on Christmas Eve, she was here with us, we had a house full. I cooked a special dinner for everyone. Mini Beef Wellingtons, my first time, and they were beautiful, I'll definitely be doing those again. So who was here, well, mum of course, Jonny and Joe, Jonnys GF Beth, our friends Mike and Anne and our neighbour John. Full house. Because we wouldn't see Mum and Beth on the big day we did gifts, including the Elephant Quilt.
This is as close as you get to a picture of the finished quilt! It's actually a duvet cover, I quilted it as normal, then added a second lose back with the binding. Mum, as you can see is happy with it. I've told her I will need it back though as I didn't get time to add a label. I'd better get on and finish another of the many pieces she has queued up first.
My flights are booked already to go to the Quilt Festival in Birmingham. Mum and I will be there on Thursday August 11th. Yes mum enjoyed herself and wants to go back again, but I've told her she is not allowed to do any shopping! LOL
Speaking of shopping, supermarket here I come, then the rest of the day is mine.


Miss 376 said...

If last year was anything to go by, she will keep you busy for another year

Janice said...

I'm glad your Mum liked her quilt. It looks great.

Lynda said...

Such a lovely expression on your Mum's face! And a great quilt!