Thursday, 20 January 2011

It's a Girl.

Our pregnant friends have finally popped. Freya Lily came into the world on Tuesday at 9.15 am after a 20 hour labour. Phew!
So now Aunty Loulee gets to knit in PINK.
After she finishes the current project that is. This little cardigan with a moss stitch panel won't take long.
Of course there are several other neutral coloured garments already waiting to go to their new owner.
As well as a quilt and a blanket. I did make another blanket, but it has a lot of blue in it, I'm undecided about giving that one to a girl.
I found this beautiful yellow fleece blanket a couple of weeks ago and added it to the pile.
It was just too soft a pretty to leave behind.
And as Freya's parents keep sheep, a pair of sheep shoes had to be found. My hunney found these on EBay. :-)
I did consider knitting my own, but these were just too cute.
I had a day out with Mum yesterday, we went hunting for pink wool. What else? As you see I found only one which met my specifications, all the other pink yarns I found had very high manmade fibre content. I think I'll be shopping online for something else girly.
I start work at 3 today, so after a whizz around with the vacuum I'll be putting on one of my wildlife DVDs and knitting the day away.
Did you go here yet? To help me find a name for my latest quilt.


Miss 376 said...

My mum refused to dress me in pink when I was a baby, a blue blanket would have been met with approval, lol

AnnieO said...

My girls didn't wear much pink when they were little, it being my least favorite color. And blue is just a color, so don't worry about giving that one too. A very lucky baby girl indeed with all that handmade goodness you're piling together!

Rosina {Rosy ~ Posy} said...

Oh how fun to be able to knit with pink. When my daughter was born I was so excited to sew pink dresses with frills and ribbons and go gaga for the pretty girly stuff :) Your sweaters look fantastic! I can't wait to try knitting a sweater. It's on my list of must do's this year :) I'm so happy you enjoyed my photos of our nature excursion :) Hugs.

Highland Monkey's said...

What a lovely pile of loveliness! They are so cute. The recipient is going to be so pleased.

Mad about Craft said...

Those knitting needles must have smoke coming off them!

Wendy said...

A lovely lovely selection of goodies for a new baby! Yes, why can't girls have blue? When I have a baby I'd dress it in whatever, regardless of the sex.