Monday, 14 February 2011

The big 600.

Happy Valentines Day. I sent my lovely off to work today with Heart shaped cuff links, some heart shaped chocs in his lunch pack and of course his apple cosy. :-) We exchanged cards before he left.
This being my 600th post I promised to do a draw of all the comments on the last few posts in order to have a give away, but we were so busy being lovey dovey this morning I forgot to get him to do it! I'll get Joe to do it later. Just so you know, there are 40 names going into the hat for the 600th post give away and twelve names for the name that quilt surprise. Some of you will have more than one entry, because you commented on more than one post. :-) I still didn't decide on a name for the shirt quilt! Hence the need for a draw to decide who wins! LOL
Speaking of Joe, during their cooking lesson today they have to make something for Valentines, but were told not to do heart shaped cookies, or cup cakes with heart shaped decorations. After a bit of thought I came up with Raspberry Meringues and Joe agreed. Yummy, can't wait.
The only time I spent up in my sewing room recently was to pull out my button tin and collect the iron so I could do the boring household ironing. :-( Instead I've been busy knitting. I finished off the Aran jacket mentioned in the last post. It consented to go together with no more dramas or ripping outs! LOL Remember my post, grumbling about socks? Well my knitting magazine turned up, with a free set of sock pins and a sock knitting guide. Look what I did!
I've actually made three socks, but the first one had a couple of ventilation holes! So I tried again. You can't really tell here but they are only tiny, size 0 - 6 months. The yarn is Opal's Circus Clown. I have another sock yarn here to play with, but that can wait for another time. For now I've cast on another cardigan using the bright pink yarn which I bought way back here. I got about half way up the back last night. I must admit to being a little bored with it. After knitting up the Aran, then the steep learning curve with the socks, learning to knit on 4 needles, turn a heel and make toes all inside a day, the plain stocking stitch of a very plain little cardigan is boring! LOL I was however able to watch a movie while I knitted and have finally seen Avatar.
It's my long weekend off work, so after a busy couple of days with Tony, Joe and Mum, I finally have time to relax. Though today I plan to make a special dinner for Tony, we agreed not to go out this evening as we're trying to save our pennies. It's Beef Wellington for dinner. Followed, I hope by Joes Raspberry Meringues.
Time to play. (Spell checker is not working! If there are any clangers, you'll work it out!)


Miss 376 said...

raspberry meringues sound perfect.
Well done on the socks, adult size next?

QuiltSue said...

Well, those socks aren't going to get lost in a hurry are they? They're lovely and "happy" looking somehow.

I agree about the knitting. When I knitted regularly I used to choose the most complicated pattern I could find, otherwise I'd get bored and never finish whatever it was.

Chookyblue...... said...

congrats on your 600 posts............looking forward to the next 600.............

Lynda said...

You put me to shame with all the things you've achieved! (And being up and posted so early on Valentine's day! Have a good one!)

Cath said...

Fab sox. Enjoy your meal . X

AnnieO said...

Congrats on 600 posts! And lovey dovey in the morning sounds very sweet :) Keep on with the crafting--you're meeting lots of challenges. I can't say I'll ever make any socks but maybe I'll take up knitting again someday.

black bear cabin said...

Happy Valentines Day Loulee... and congrats on 600 posts (i just past 400 recently :)
Those little tiny baby socks are are really mastering the knitting enjoying watching your progress.
Hope your evening is wonderful, warm and cozy with your sweethearts!

Janice said...

You do spoil each other don't you.
The socks are super cute. I've never been game to try knitting any. Mum is a bit of an expert, having knitted heaps during the War for the "boys". I had the most gorgeous 8 ply fair isle socks as a teenager. They were so very snuggly.