Thursday, 29 May 2014

Random stuff.

Evidence, that I have been a little bit productive.
I've made about 4 dozen scones over the last week. I had to make them all in small batches, as I have only a small mixing bowl which was stored away in a loft awaiting Tonys return.
I could have gone and bought a larger one, but I have several in the container, so what's the point, besides, lots of small batches takes up more time and that is something I have plenty of. LOL
 I've taken them to work and to a BBQ on Saturday. I have plenty in my freezer and Tony has been taking one in his lunch pack.
Carlee and I had some fun with this weeks nails. All those spots remind me of the many toadstools I've been seeing on my walks here. Carlee is new to nail art and I think she is enjoying experimenting and appreciates the fact that I have the time to sit with her while she plays, sometimes getting things wrong, but more often getting it right.
Incidently, I have tried on more than one occasion to get images of some of the fungi I see when I'm out, but I think the resident faeries must object! Every time I try the images are corrupted and will not save from the camera to the laptop!! LOL
And to prove that my life is not all swanning about the place and getting my nails done, here is another look at the colourful shrug. I'm adding rows to the bottom edge, just to make it a little longer.
Just a couple more rows to go, then I'll do two or maybe three rows of single crochet all the way around the edges.
The other day I got a very excited comment on an earlier post. 
It would seem that another resident of this town has been following my blog. She blinked for a few months and missed the fact that I had immigrated and was terribly excited to find that here I am living in her home town.
Andrea, we'll get together soon.
I promise.
Less then a week until our container is delivered.
I keep thinking of things that are in it.
Last night it was my PJs, it's getting pretty cold at night now.
While I was baking scones, it was my scales, my mixing bowls and food processor.
Always I think of my sewing machines and works in progress.
I often catch myself wondering where I will put mums cuckoo clock in an open plan house?
If you packed 99.9% of your possessions into a big box and couldn't access it for 4 months, what would you miss the most?


Diane-crewe said...

its getting closer!! How great that there is someone in your town that you will be able to connect with who is outside of work and family xx My daughter went to Australia and waited for a container .. she said she missed the photos and a couple of ornaments that had personal connections more than anything x Getting excited for you xx

AnnieO said...

Those scones look yummy. My sister has been making strawberry ones that make mouth water just thinking of them. Your nails are cute--I cannot keep polish nice ever. Yay for the container! I'd definitely miss my sewing machine and stash the most!