Monday 26 May 2014

Soup weather.

The weather has turned decidedly wintry in the last couple of days. There as a frost yesterday when I went into work, it stayed pretty cold and later in the day there were some heavy downpours. 
 Today there is a cold wind coming off the mountains and more wintry showers rattling about.
A good day to stay home and crochet under a blanket.
I really could have had this colourful shrug finished by now, but I'm getting a little bored with crochet.
I want my stuff, I want my sewing machines. (Still no word on when to expect delivery of our container.)
Maybe today will see the shrug finished and tonight I can get on with finishing the blanket I showed in the last post.
Before I do any of that I'm off to the post office with birthday packages.
As I mentioned in the post title it's good soup weather, I see left over roasted lamb becoming Scots Broth. 
I brought sour milk home from work yesterday, so I see scone baking happening today too. 
I really do have to do better than one post a week!!


Janice said...

Your weather is quite the opposite to ours at present. We are getting up to about 20 degrees each day......Definitely not what we expect at this time of year. We should be having soup weather too. We'd better enjoy it while we can. Keep snug and dry.

Jewells said...

I bet you will lock yourself away with you sewing machine, when it arrives... it will be like the return of a LONG lost friend!

Diane-crewe said...

seems a shame that you had winter .. then a few weeks of sun only to now be going back into winter .. never mind when your container arrives you will have plenty to occupy you .. and the time will passs quickly into summer xx

Lynda said...

How are you coping without your sewing machine? No wonder you're a bit fed up with crochet - it's not quite as much fun as piecing! Hope your stuff arrives soon.