Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Another week gone.

 I've had another week of walking around, getting to know my new home. I also finally made it into the swimming pool. I love to swim and have missed going these last few months. My swim suit or Togs as the kiwis call them are all in the delayed container, so I went out and bought more. 
Work is going well, even the 4.30am alarm on a Friday! It really doesn't take too much to recover from that.
And aside from walking, window shopping and exercising, I do find time for some crochet. This is the first of two little lap sized throws for our sitting room. They will add a splash of colour and are pretty cosy on a cool evening.
Mothers day is celebrated in March up in Britain, but down here in NZ, it is celebrated in May, my DS Joe bought me a couple of stems of my favorite flowers, hmmmmm, my vases are in the delayed container!
Luckily Tony had a small vase all packed away in his brothers loft. I had to cut the long stems down a lot, but they are very pretty.
Once every two weeks I go and get my nails done. I'm loving it. In my previous job we were not supposed to have painted nails, so I really am enjoying having a fortnightly manicure and polish. This is not a very good picture of last times do! I'm off to get it all cleaned off today and replaced with something new.
After that I'm going shopping at the wool store, planning my next project.
The delayed container is due in NZ this weekend, and I guess it really is coming this time as customs have sent us a mountain of paperwork to complete. 
I'll get to see my sewing machines again, my fabrics and yarns. My lovely cosy quilts and blankets.
My kitchen tools! Baking trays, recipe books and food processor.
And my sloooooooow cooker. (I'm sure that will be more economical that this prehistoric oven!!)
And of course, the rest of my wardrobe!


Cardygirl said...

I am glad to see that the move has gone well and you are settling into your new life in NZ. Hopefully your belongings will soon be there.

Gari in AL said...

Your list of what you are looking forward to when the container actually arrives made me smile. It will be like Christmas in May.

Jenny said...

It will seem just like Christmas when you start opening your containers and seeing all those goodies again. So pleased you are settling down well to life in New Zealand.

Janice said...

Yay!! Such a relief that your container is finally turning up. It will be like Christmas. (I see now that the other commenters are saying the same. LOL). It sounds like you are settling into some routines now.