Monday, 19 May 2014

Reverting to plan A

You may remember, last time I blogged I mentioned making two of these little lapghans? Well that idea went out the window and I'm reverting to plan A, which is one larger throw, using all of the yarn. As you see here, I spent some time this morning ripping back the second lapghan! I'll get on with this in the evenings.
 I've already started another project though!. 
I'm busy making myself a granny shrug. I made one of these already and I wear it a lot.
A second more colourful version is a must.
 Yes, all of this yarn is not only the same colour code, but also the same dye lot.
I did a double take and a double check before I purchased it.
If you would like the pattern for this very simple to make cardi it's a free pattern on Ravelry. You have to be a member to take advantage of the free patterns, but it is worth it.
Last time I also mentioned that I've been having regular manicures and keeping my nails painted. 
Here is the slightly washed out image of this weeks. I love the cute little flower.
Our container has finally arrived in Lyttleton port. (Near Christchurch) Ironically the ship was actually here in Timaru on Saturday!! The carriers hub however is in Christchurch, so that's where it went.
All of our paperwork was completed and returned promptly and the nice lady who spoke to my husband said that it all seemed to be in order, so hopefully the Customs men will release our possessions very quickly and they will be shipped to us by road very soon.
We were very careful not to include anything which may be contentious or cause delays of any kind. No gardening or pet objects, all our shoes were thoroughly washed, the only wooden items are shop bought furniture items.
There is a question about Christmas decorations, but Tony assures me they are after yule logs and dried holly type decorations, not my artificial trees, my wonderful hand made ornaments, may of them gifts and swap items or my delicate glass items. (Fingers crossed) 
I'm off to grab some lunch then it's time to play with the beautifully soft and colourful yarn as I do a few more rounds of my shrug.


Diane-crewe said...

wonderful news that your container made it xx yay! at least if its in the same country the chances are good that it will be with you soon ... and then you can begin to live in a HOME xx love the colours in the wool x

Janice said...

I can understand why you had to have a thorough check of the dye lot. The colours are lovely and rich.