Thursday, 1 May 2014

Calling this one finished!

My ripple blanket has reached a length that allows it to hang over the bottom end of the bed and come all the way up to me chin! So I decided it was finished. It's a very cosy blanket and is already in use under our duvet.
I was very cold a few nights ago and actually added it as a layer to the bed the following night, before it was even completed!! 
The next couple of days saw the addition of a few more rows and the ends all stitched in. 
Tada, all done. 
No fancy edge treatments needed.
So yes, that means a new start. I went out and bought new yarn. Acrylic this time, in a great big granny square. Not nearly so nice to work with, but it's keeping me busy and keeping me cosy on these cooler evenings.
Speaking of busy.
I'm enjoying getting out and about almost every day.
Yesterday I was out for most of the day. I took a walk around the bay area in the morning, then after a quick shower I strolled along to the supermarket for milk.
After a brief do at housework and some lunch I went back into the bay to visit the birds in the aviary, the plan was to take pictures for you folks, but the battery gave up in my camera, so I wandered into town instead. That was fun, just window shopping in the sun.
I was out all morning again today, but stayed home with my crochet this afternoon. So a photo of that in my next post.
Our container was due into Christchurch this weekend, but we received an email on Monday telling us that it had missed its connection in Singapore, so would be delayed and is now due in on 18th May. So it looks like being the end of May before we get our belongings. I'm so glad that the weather is nice and that there are crafty shops in town.
Time to hook some more, before I have to start on dinner.


Chookyblue...... said...

nice blanket........looks great on the bed.......big effort.......bugger about the container........

Deb said...

Lou the blanket looks great and yes you certainly would have needed it over the last week or so. Hope you didn't get any flooding this week.
What a shame about the container coming later. Have you started your job yet?

Diane-crewe said...

what a shame about the delay ... never mind you have a wonderful blanket to snuggle under .. sounds as if you are finding your way around x

Janice said...

Drat! Remember, all good things come to those who wait.....It doesn't say whether you have to be patient while waiting though.
I love the way your rug finished up. It should be nice and warm on your bed. We are starting to get frosty mornings, so will be looking for more rugs and quilts. Enjoy your exploring and new project.

Gari in AL said...

Your ripple blanket really turned out great: it looks so well planned. :-) Sorry about the continued wait for your things.

AnnieO said...

The blanket looks wonderful. What a great way to spend free hours for little money. Sorry about your container, that stinks.