Thursday, 26 July 2007


Well my little friend has an ear. I've actually stitched more than this picture shows, I've filled in a lot of confetti style stitches around his face and been back down by his paws to stitch some more of the ground. I'm glad my plan for a rotation didn't work, I really didn't want to put him away.

As for getting on with my quilt during the day when there is no chance of disturbing Hunny! My sister keeps visiting, how come she gets to sit and do her embroidery while I get to surf all over the net and do her shopping online? Never mind, I'm expecting NO visitors today, so I'll get on and finish cutting the next lot of plates and may even get time to make a start on sewing them up. These are the first 8.

I'm not sure how many I'll need! Yes, I know, I should have decided this already, but well, I keep changing my mind. I have three plans here, all beautifully drawn on graph paper. I measured my bed countless times, measured the sheets, measured the two handmade quilts my hunny bought for me, then debated for and against putting my 11 inch plates onto 12, 14 or 16 inch blocks! Mind you, I've been planning on making it longer than it is wide, Hmm, where's my tape measure?
Happy Thursday.


Janet said...

OOO Loulee, I like those colors..they look nice together, it ought to make a very pretty quilt! You've done so much of it...I am sure it won't be long!

I haven't put a stitch in the put me to shame ;)

Julia said...

Your plates are coming along nicely..
You will have a very pretty quilt when done..

Rose Marie said...

With all the measuring you've done, don't forget about taking into consideration that when your quilt is finished you will lose a couple of inches all around from the quilting. I measure my top and then measure my finished quilt and it is always smaller. Looking forward to seeing what you will do with these plates.