Thursday, 12 May 2022

It's pretty quiet here in Loulee land....

There are two reasons for the quiet time, firstly I am back to my studies and spend most mornings swotting away. 
And secondly I've hurt my arm. I'm not sure how, but it is rather inconvenient. Holding my knitting needles, sorting puzzle pieces, holding and using my roller cutter, typing on the laptop or the desk top at work, even brushing my teeth all hurt.
So I've been trying to rest it as well as getting my chiropractor to work on it.
There has been a little retail therapy, nothing terribly exciting, but I found some bargains.
On the NZ puzzle exchange I found a local lady was thinning out her stash and scored four 1000 piece puzzles for only $20 NZ.
A little taste of the UK.
This African Animal one is what drew my eye, what a lovely design.
The lovely blue sea of the Aegean sea.
And I couldn't resist these lovely hot air balloons over the Opera house.
And Tony spotted and purchased another puzzle for me...
He knows I like a challenge!
I was excited to see that my Christmas/Easter cactus was preparing to flower.
This little plant was a cutting from one at work.
It's done rather well and it is good to see flowers on it.
Finally, just so you know my life is not all about jigsaws and studies, I called in to the Sallie's store on my trip home from grocery shopping today, the first time in months.
There wasn't a huge selection of fabrics available,
but I dug about in a plastic bin and found a bundle or two.
This beige piece is a brand new fat quarter.
And last but not least, this oddly shaped yellow piece.
All for four dollars.
I'll tidy them up and pop them away, for use one day.
I'm looking forward to zooming with Chooky on the weekend, even though I have to work.
I'll join in until it is time to go. Then I'll join in again when I get home, she has promised a marathon  session and I'm sure someone will still be chatting. 
I had better make sure I have plenty of Lucy pieces prepped, or be ready to sit and prep, while we chat.


dq said...

Oh no. Sorry you are hurt. It is kind of crazy that you don't know how it happened. OUr bodies do interesting things some times.

You do puzzles? I love them too. I never knew about puzzle exchanges. I generally prefer 500 to 750 pieces - something I can do reasonably fast.

Get better soon before you shop too much.

Chookyblue...... said...

YOU BETTER REST THAT ARM SO YOU CAN SEW WITH US............opps caps sorry......looking forward to zoom.......great collection of puzzles......I like a couple of the top ones look more achievable......I don't like to much of a challenge......

Maria said...

Oh Lou you sure are having a lousy run. hope that arm heals soon.
Lots of puzzles you picked up for a bargain and also some fabrics too.
I'll be popping in and out of Chooky's Zoom so hope to catch up.
Take care.

Lin said...

Hope your arm is better soon. I love the Aegean puzzle. xx

Rose Marie said...

Dearly, you have had a rough time health wise lately! Hopefully, you get your arm sorted out soon and you can get back to crafting.

Jenny said...

Oh dear, do hope your arm heals quickly, you have been having a bad run lately. Do you have to take time off work, perhaps? You have certainly got some bargains with the puzzles, and fabric pieces, I never think to go and look in OP Shops for fabric. Mind you, I received quite a lot from my elderly neighbours stash last year, guess I only need neutrals now.

Janice said...

You really are in the wars, aren’t you. Let’s hope your arm is back to full usage very soon. In the meantime, take things easy and enjoy your puzzles. See you in the morning.

kiwikid said...

I hope your arm is better very soon Lou. Great score with the puzzles and fabric. Pretty cactus flower.

ButterZ said...

Good to chat on zoom. Hope your glass of red helped you relax after your day of events at work.

jude's page said...

Hope the arm is back to normal soon, great bargain with the puzzles, what do you do with them when they are finished?