Thursday, 5 May 2022

The Squirrel Came Back.

I was a little worried the other day to read that the squirrel had hopped over to Kiwikid Sues place, to distract help her out. As I had only half a plan for finishing the HSTs. But I set off yesterday, hopefully sewing them together. As I suspected, there were issues with lost points and varying block sizes. That is the nature of 11 year old scraps. Well that's what I told myself.
That little group at the top was about half an inch narrower than the others! EEK!
What now?
I turned both pieces this way and that and discovered that my rearranging had reduced the difference to a quarter inch, then inspiration, or the squirrel struck and I popped a piece of Jelly roll in there, which helped to disguise the difference.
I kept on adding a few more pieces of jelly roll log cabin style.
I'll call this a completed top. It's a nice size for a bassinet or a small crib, or even a wall hanging.
I have some lovely chocolate brown slices of Jelly roll that I will use for binding, but first I must quilt it.
There were a few rejected blocks and some left over  HSTs, they went into the crumb basket.
I'll address them another day.
Next I pulled out the floral scraps again, maybe this time they will get their chance to shine.
You can see right at the top of the photo the cutting guide for what I hope to do with them.
I just need to dig out a suitable fabric to use for sashing.
I hope to start cutting today.
And finally, I completed the wash cloth I was knitting during the zoom session.
If you have never tried using these cute little hand knitted cloths you should.
They are lovely to use. I have some for cleaning the house and some that I keep especially for cleaning me and my grand children.
That's all of my news, now I'm off to do chores, before I play. 



dq said...

It turned out so so pretty! Love it!
I was surprised to see it done already. You have been busy and hst are not fast or fun in my opinion.

kiwikid said...

Your little quilt is lovely Lou, good to hear the squirrel returned over the ditch! I hope you have a productive time with the floral scraps. Love the hand knitted cloths.

Janet O. said...

A very clever application of the log cabin principle on your little quilt!
Interesting block design for your floral scraps. Don't know that I've seen that block before, but the pieces seem large enough to let the florals shine--especially the center.
I've used those cotton knitted or crocheted cloths on dishes and other cleaning, but had never thought to use them on people. I have some new ones a friend made for me. Maybe I need to set them in the bathroom with the washcloths.

Denice Barker said...

It's very pretty and looks like you planned it that way from the start. When all else fails, huh?

Karen S said...

Sounds like a very active squirrel! But look at the end results. Lovely work all round.

Maria said...

I did see the Squirrel 🐿 was at Sue’s.. 🤪
Your small HSTs looked lovely all joined into a small quilt.
Nice pattern for the florals..

Janice said...

You’ve made a very sweet little quilt with your blocks. I like the stitch you used on the wash cloth. I’m looking forward to seeing your next project evolve.

Lin said...

Nice use of your HST's Lou and I am looking forward to seeing those florals put together. xx

cityquilter grace said...

nice knitted mum loves 'em...very nice rescue on those qsts...

Jindi's Cottage said...

Love the result of the squirrel playing in your Fig Tree scraps...great idea to put that sashing strip in...

Ondrea said...

Great idea to finish that little quilt. It will look good on a hanger or thrown over a chair, even a table topper. Your wash cloth looks very soft. Mum knits soft bamboo wash clothes for new baby gifts. They are sooo soft.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Oh that is cute with all the orange!!