Monday, 2 May 2022

Knit, sew, zoom.

So Chookyblue called a short notice zoom session for Sunday. 
As she does!
It was a quieter than usual session. But still very good. Our hostess Chooky was on a binding mission, keep an eye on her blog for a great show and tell on all of that. 
No pressure Chooky!
(What am I saying? Yes there is. I want to see pictures on your blog, lots of pictures of beautifully bound and finished quilts). 
I dithered, unsure of what to do. First I tidied up all the thread ends in the Frankenmats.
Next I pulled out a much larger needle and tucked away the yarn ends on this knitted washcloth. Which I had knitted over Friday and Saturday.
It is square honest! 
I seem to have pulled one corner out when smoothing it for the photo shoot.
 There is Lucy of course and I did add one block onto the top, but stopped there, my fingers were itching to hold my knitting needles. So I cast on another dishcloth.
But I somehow managed to break one of my beautiful knitting needles!
(Here is a closer look at the lovely colours on the larger needles).
I had to quickly pull out my interchangeable needles and after selecting the smallest set in the box, I was able to continue knitting. 
The knitters in the group, (I was not the only one) gained the spotlight twice during the session as we discussed needle styles and educated the non knitters. LOL
If you would like to know more about my lovely, lovely knitting needles, look here where you will see that they are made in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.
Tony did try to repair the broken one, but sadly the repair did not last and it very quickly broke again in the same place. I'll be off out to the shop soon to look for a replacement set.
I had to absent myself from zoom for a few hours in order to go to work. But I re-joined during my meal break and later once I got home when I added a few more rows of knitting to the days tally.
Chooky, thank you once again for a fun day. Lots of laughs, lots of chatter, lots of stories, lots of inspiration and most of all, lots of blogger love.
We all enjoy these sessions that you organise for us. 
In other news....
The scrappy Fig Tree HST's that I have been fiddling with have made it this far. 
I've pulled out an opened Fig Tree Jelly roll that had a few slices used in another project and I have started to play about with border ideas.
I'll keep you updated on any progress that is made.
And for those who are interested, an update on the jigsaw puzzle.
The majority of the detail has been found and placed. Progress has slowed considerably, but I still spend a little (or a lot of) time with it each day. 
I'm enjoying the process.
I have two days off work, but they are looking pretty busy, I do hope I find time to sew.
Time to get out of the house and do some town chores.
Flu shot at work at 1.05pm, if the Doctor consents to do it as I still sound weird.
Then hopefully a restful afternoon, maybe with Lucy, maybe with my knitting needles.
But definitely in my armchair. 



kiwikid said...

Always great to go in a chooky organised zoom session, shame your needle broke, but good you had another you could continue with. Your little project is looking good. Enjoy your days off.

Jeanette said...

Lovely to see you yesterday Lou. Love the dishcloths & i hope you find another set of knitting needles. Hugs, xx

Chookyblue...... said...

Yep last minute as usual........ Just that it rained and I got sick in at home.......
Wow what a lesson I got on knitting needles... Who knew there was so much to learn.... It wasn't really an epp day yesterday was it ....... Sorry I picked the wrong day regarding your work schedule lol....
you sounded so much better last night..... Goodluck hope you get the flu needle.... Had mine the other day.....

Chookyblue...... said...

Oh and I've done a round up of zoom but all the quilts will be getting there own posts.....

Gail said...

I missed the knitting needle class! It was great seeing you in ZOOM and knowing that you are at last feeling better!

Janet O. said...

Those are gorgeous knitting needles. My mother was a knitter at times, and never had anything that looked like that. Bummer, that breakage.
Your little fig tree blocks are going to make a sweet little quilt.
My cutest puzzle is very different from yours, but similar in the fact that I have all the details assembled and it is down to the water and sky.
Glad I caught you on your meal break during Zoom. You still don't sound like yourself, but it is good to be able to hear you, regardless. ;)

Jennifer said...

Definitely the armchair. I missed the zoom session....busy getting organised and packing for our trip tomorrow.

Lin said...

I have just started using some of those needles - I bought a set of dpns for my new knitting project. They are lovely to use. How did you break yours? just so I dont make the same mistake lol. xx

Maria said...

You worked on a variety of projects while enjoying your Zoom season….

Jo said...

I do love how pretty your needles look. It was a great day. The interruptions of work were soon forgotten.

Janice said...

Sorry I missed you on Sunday. Your jigsaw is coming along nicely. It’s the time of year to pull out the knitting needles and croche hook. I’m sure you will be able to replace your broken ones. I bought a short circular needle to attempt some socks. I look forward to seeing your fig tree project evolve.

jude's page said...

Good to catch up on Zoom, everyone was very productive. Sorry about the needle breaking, plenty of fabric in my house and everything sewing, but no knitting needles or wool.

Maria said...

You worked on a variety of projects while chatting on Zoom.

Lynda said...

That looks to be a complicated puzzle. Was sorry to miss Sunday's zoom - had family staying over and the baby sleeps in the sewing room. Love the colours in your knitting needles.

dq said...

Oh no, those are such lovely knitting needles. I see why you sere sad. I have got to fit zoom in again soon. I miss you ladies.

Marika said...

hello Lou, it was nice to meet you at the zoo meeting.
you did such nice things too. yes, the needle, luckily you had a replacement. I wish you a nice day. see you next time Marika

Jindi's Cottage said...

Shame I totally missed the zoom session sounds like it was an interesting one, without Lucy!