Thursday, 19 May 2022

Squirrel Number Three!

So on Tuesday I set about putting together all of those rejected pieces from my Fairy quilt..
They were very well behaved and it really did not take much time at all. Then I pulled out a bunch of bits and pieces and started auditions for borders. I hummed and hawed for a while, then asked Chookys advice. Well, that put a spanner in the works!
There was me thinking single border, and she suggests a peeper.....
Well out came a whole bunch more fabric, they were laid this way and that, there were what ifs and maybe this ways.......?
Then I walked away leaving the whole mess on the table.
Then yesterday morning I walked back in to my room, put away all but two fabrics and did exactly what Chooky had suggested.  🤣🤣
The top of Squirrel project number three is complete. 

Thank you Chooky. Great advice.
Then after all of that drama, I got on and cut a whole bunch more pieces for my latest scrappy Floral quilt top. 
I'll probably need to cut more of these. How many? I'm really not sure, there was no counting happening, just cutting. LOL
I just might start putting these together today, just to see how they look.
And Finally.
Are you joining in with Chookys Churn Dash along?
During a recent zoom session some of us were admiring a churn dash quilt that Chooky recently completed, as a part of her marathon binding effort. She mentioned that she might make another, and how did we feel about a sew along?
If you're interested, go along to this post on her blog and see what it's all about. 
I was keen right away and already have my fabric, the postie delivered it yesterday. 


ButterZ said...

Oh Lou, nothing like being prepared. Lovely little finish too.

Chookyblue...... said...

Oh sometimes the Chooks useful.... The borders look great... Lol even if I must say so myself
So pleased your fabrics arrived for the churn dash so fast I must say.... Lianne choose here yesterday..... There's going to be some variety in the looks which will be so cool to see.....

Jeanette said...

Lovely little quilt. My fabric is ready to go for the sew along. :) Hugs, xx

Janet O. said...

Excellent collaboration on the borders. I love the finished product!
I pulled some background fabrics today for my churn dash blocks, and I will probably do the colors from my scrap bins. It will be a very scrappy quilt!

kiwikid said...

Beautiful little quilt and great borders, great help from Miss Chooky! Your flower fabrics look lovely. Looking forward to seeing progress on the churn dash SAL.

Lin said...

The top really does look lovely with its borders. xx

Maria said...

Nice finish and good to have your florals cut….
I need to stop procrastinating and do some sewing….
Have ordered my fabrics for the Churn Dash SAL so hope it doesn’t take tooooooo long to arrive.

Rose Marie said...

Sweet little quilt and that squirrel ended way up here in Canada but I'm sending it back to you! LOL Glad to hear you are doing the churn dash SAL too.

Ondrea said...

Ooo I love your little quilt. Well done!

Karen S said...

Great idea with the borders. That has worked well. Good to see a squirrel behaving.

Tazzie said...

I love these squirrels that take control. I'd love to borrow one some time! They seem to GET THINGS DONE! How fun that we're all working on Churn Dash blocks together, it's going to be great!

Janice said...

Yet another fun quilt top completed.