Saturday, 3 January 2009

Catching up.

With myself that is! I think I can see my own back, just around the corner!
An early finish today and a day off tomorrow should fix some of that. And Hunney is taking me out to dinner tonight. Very nice.

What little creative time I've had has been spent here. This was a freebie kit off the front of a cross stitch magazine from sometime last year. I still have to embellish it with tiny buttons and add the back stitch details.
I think I'll pop it onto the front of a grocery bag, that should brighten up somebodies day.

I see many people sharing pictures of their Christmas gifts, especially the secret Santa treasures. I didn't take part in that exchange. (I think I'm one a a very small number! LOL )
But I did get some quilty goodness from my Hunney. He purchased the French Roses Quilt kit. The pattern and all the fabric requirements for the quilt top were neatly packaged into a pretty basket.
You'll see more of this when I get going on it. It looks like a quick and easy make.

Hunney saw the following picture in a gallery here in town, he fell in love with it and drooled every time we went near the place. I sneakily bought it, his face dropped through the floor when he saw the SOLD ticket appear! LOL but it was a picture of delight when he unwrapped it at Christmas.

The planes are Spitfires and the picture here does the original no justice at all.
Other items of particular note for me this year include this beautiful glass block my DS Jonny gave to me. He knows I love faeries and has found some real delights in the past, and this year was no exception.
I had a really hard time trying to get a photo of the piece, it's just soooo pretty and intricate, this picture doesn't show all of the details and the tiny butterfly and ripples in the water.

My Pen pal sent me this delightful angel all the way from Aus. She hangs in my window now, catching the sun and keeping the bad vibes out!
Something I forgot to get a picture of, but truly adore is Positively Pooh! A Book For Your Inner Bear. Hunney is amazed that a little stocking filler can mean so much to me.
There were many other gifts, lots of them, but they have all filtered away and found their new homes. I enjoyed my day with my family and for me that was the greatest gift of all.
Best wishes to you all, may 2009 be the best year yet. No resolutions for me. I simply wish to keep on going with my healthier lifestyle and take more exercise. I've avoided the bathroom scale these last two weeks, but I'll be back on them on Monday and back to walking too.

1) A day off tomorrow.
2) Going out for dinner tonight
3) 294 days


Miss 376 said...

I'm not generally a pink person, but those colours go lovely together and will be an excellent addtion to a bag. Hope you have a lovely meal tonight and enjoy your day off

sewkalico said...

Happy New Year to you Loulee! Hope it's a good one!

Linda said...

Such lovely gifts, lucky you getting a quilt kit.

Julz said...

Love the butterfly cross stitch, look forward to seeing another pic once you have finished it... delicious christmas goodies, the quilt kit is lovely (really nice fabric choices from your hunney) and the faerie is really thoughtful. I love it too when my girls gift me a drawing or wee goodie that is butterfly themed. Have a happy day. Hugs Jx

babooshka said...

I have an American quilting blogger contact who would like to take a peek at your site so I'll t point her in your direction. She would really appreciate your wonderful work and her own is superb.