Thursday, 4 June 2009

A Fantastic Day

I've done absolutely no stitching, not one solitary stitch. But I have some lovely news.
Today I met Janice ( Jannimary) we met by chance through our blogs, she mentioned that she and her husband would be here for the TT this year and we agreed to meet. Today it finally happened. My boss was kind enough to take some photos of the two of us outside the office.
Janice it was wonderful to meet you at last. I had a nice time, just chatting and getting to know you a little better.
I took a long lunch break and Janice and I visited the craft shop in Onchan before going to lunch in a local pub, we were both defeated by monster Ham salads, there was so much food you couldn't even see the edges of the plates. The meeting just made my lovely day.
Oh and Janice bought me a gift all the way from Australia, I'll post about that after I have given her my gift. I'm so scatterbrained I forgot to take it with me! Doh! Hopefully we'll meet again on Tuesday at the Ramsey Sprint.
So on top of that I won some money on a lottery scratch card, I also won a give away on a blog, Hunney and I booked the domestic flight tickets for our trip to NZ (Only 143 days to go) and I had some great personal news too. (But that's secret.) ;-)
After all the good news and fun stuff it's time to come back to earth, I've got pictures of yesterdays walk. It was a little cooler when I started out, even though I walked in the afternoon. There was a breeze blowing and it was a little hazy at the coast.
This time I headed north along the beach. Ramsey bay sweeps right up the north eastern coast of the island all the way to the Point of Ayre. I walked less than a mile of that before joining the road again.

But along the way I spotted a few curiosities. I think this crab must have been a gulls dinner. It has very pretty markings. I wish I'd taken the big camera.

At the end of the prom, where I rejoined the road I looked back toward Lewaigue, where I walked to in my last post.

I followed the road in land and up hill. I passed a Rural Museum where they keep a flock of the local Loaghtan sheep. There were lots of lambs gamboling about and I couldn't resist trying to get a photo. Again, I wish I'd had the other camera.

About a mile along the road I turned into a shady lane,

Which leads down to the Sulby River. On the other side of the aptly named White Bridge is Poyll Dooey, where we have walked together on other days.
In the hedgerows I spied some everlasting Sweet pea. I must say I prefer it's annual cousin, simply for the beautiful scent, but this one is pretty too.
Instead of walking back to town through Poyll Dooey I wandered to the old railway line and came home that way.

Once I was away from the coast and sheltered from the breeze it was very warm again. I'm loving these beautiful days.
So, now I have two late shifts, that will be three this week! That's unheard of! I like it though. I'm not sure what I'll be doing with myself, the forecast says things will cool off a bit over the next couple of days. So maybe I'll get some cooler walks in. I also need to print and prep the next bunch of BOMs. I should also go trawling the charity shops for some old denim, I might make a start on the denim circle quilt, Janice and I talked about that today. I'm making no plans, you know me, I'll change my mind!
Gratitude's (Five because it was an extra special day)
1) Meeting friends.
2) Winning.
3) Tickets.
4) Winning again
5) Always, My Hunney.


Miss 376 said...

Congratulations on your wins and how lovely to meet up with blogging friends

Cardygirl said...

Your walks are so lovely...I am enjoying seeing the snapshots of your world! It is lovely that you have had such a rewarding week...nice things happen to nice people!

Jeanne said...

How nice to see your sunny smiling faces!
Another interesting walk -- I love the unusual place names.

jannimary said...

It was so nice to meet you on that day. Thanks for taking me to your local craft shop as well.