Tuesday, 30 June 2009

The lid off the tea caddy!

Is just the right size for denim circles.
One pair of jeans makes approximately 36 circles.
I still have a lot of cutting to do.
At least I've made a start. I have a feeling this quilt may be with me for quite some time. That's a good thing, Hunney keeps on asking me to slow down. I thought all the BOMs would slow me a little, but I still manage to finish other projects in between blocks. My next big project has lots of stitchery and applique, so maybe that will slow me down a little too. We'll see.
This morning, before work, while it was still cool, I attached the three finished labels to some previous quilts. The French Roses label is in the basket along with the binding and backing fabrics, just waiting for that to be done. I ordered the wadding for it and on the website it said about 5 - 7 days for delivery, but this morning I received an email saying it would be up to 7 days before they even mail it. I know from experience that these people take their time and it could be the end of next week before I see any Dream Green.
I'm off to cut more denim.
1) Salad for tea again.
2) A lazy morning at work.
3) My little fan.


Jane said...

You'll be seeing denim circles in your sleep

Janice said...

This should be a fun quilt to make. Do you have different tones of blue in your denim and have you decided on a fabric for the middle yet? I'm looking forward to following it's progress.