Saturday, 6 June 2009

Give away.

Now Closed, both fabric pieces have a new home to go to.

Some time ago one of my clients was having a clear out and she gave me these pieces of fabric, among other crafty goodies. I wasn't sure I'd use them, but she insisted. Time has passed and I have become really sure that I won't be using them, so, as I've been blessed with plenty of luck this week, I decided it's time I pass that luck on with a give away. If anyone is interested in owning these fabrics, please let me know. Humpty Dumpty comes complete with instructions for himself, his wall and the Kings men. It's all printed right there on the panel.
Paddington you see below laid on my 24 inch cutting mat, there is 2.75 meters, or just about. There is a small stain on Paddington which may come out, I must confess I didn't even try. It would make a good back for a crib quilt if nothing else. Or maybe some fussy or careful cutting would be in order. The stain unfortunately is very close to the fold line.

I'll leave this open for a week then see whats what. Anyone who would use them up, please leave me a comment. I'll mail all over the world.
I had a phone call from my DS Jonny, he is away working at the moment, fishing out of Aberdeen in Scotland. Anyway, he is hoping to be home next week for his birthday. Yay! I get to cuddle my boy.
It's raining today, supposed to be the first day of racing for the bikes after a week of practising and qualifying, but there will be no racing in this weather!
I have no firm plans beyond grocery shopping. I may print the next couple of BOM projects and get them under way. Cold wet days are good for curling up with sewing or knitting.
Take care all.
1) A day off with Hunney
2) DS Jonny will be home soon.
3) Tumble dryers! (It's a love hate thing for me).


Jeanne said...

Hi Lou!
The Humpty Dumpty piece is darling! I won't have our new PO box number for a week or so, but I'd be interested in it if you're willing to hold it a little while.
Jeanne :)

anne bebbington said...

Loulee - I love the Paddington Bear fabric if it's up for grabs