Sunday, 28 June 2009

I have a new neighbour.

I was up before the lark today! I woke at 03.30 all hot and bothered and I couldn't get back to sleep, even after I had sat up to throw off the covers and cool off. I gave up and got up at 04.30. So I've had a very long and productive day. I stitched and attached the label for the 'Penny Lemonade' quilt I finished recently. I'll be prepping a few more labels this evening. I think I'll get a sense of achievement if I crack on a do a few more at least.
I spent the bulk of the day sat at my sewing table and got loads done, so a real sense of achievement there too. I tied off the threads for the leaves on my French Roses, then completed the first round of petals. I have the second round of petals sewn on, I just need to tie off the threads and cut the backs out.
They are raw edge applique and have two more petal layers to go before I sew the blocks together.
While I was sat at my table in the window I glanced up when I heard a birdie commotion outside. Across the street a gull was defending this youngster from a big crow. It would seem that i have a new neighbour.
There was a gull chick on my roof last year, but this year we seem to have escaped, that was awful, they are very noisy, but are not considered to be a pest so we couldn't do anything about it.
I'm off to sew, take care.
1) Hunney took me out for tea.
2) Making labels.
3) A little fan by my sewing machine.


Miss 376 said...

These early mornings are a killer, but you certainly can get lot done.

Cardygirl said...

Noisy birds...hopefully they will settle soon. Nice quilt!

jannimary said...

You've made good use of your early start. The quilt is coming up well. Please show a close up of your raw edge applique, I haven't been game to try as yet.

Lynda said...

Is this a commercial pattern, and if so, where did you get it from?