Sunday, 21 June 2009

It's a bit pink.

I'll get to the pink in a moment, first here's a peep at the little stitchery I'm going to make into a needle case. It's a freebie from Cinderberry, which includes instructions for making a pretty little needle / stitching case.
I stitched this same design for Janice using dark blue thread and blue fabrics. Here it is stitched using a variegated thread called 'New Arrival', it's a hand dye and it's produced here.
So, onto the pink stuff.
I had hinted that I may or may not use the bunch of pink 1.5 inch squares I had cut, and last night I decided on the simple option, by adding a very quick and easy border to this little image for my niece Lauren. You'll notice, I stuck with the PINK theme though.
I've made a pieced back for it! LOL Two pieces of pink scrap I had in my box. All I need now is the hardware and I have a gift for her birthday. Typical though, today the hangers arrived for my butterfly quilt, but not the hangers I need for the girls gifties. Huff! I'm sure she won't mind a little wait, just so long as she gets the important bit. And I can't hang my quilt yet as I have yet to find time to go out and hunt down a suitable dowel/pole for the butterflies.
I can get on a finish her sisters late birthday gift though as the thread I need for that arrived today, hopefully I'll get it stitched tonight and finished tomorrow before going in to work. That would be cool, but with a house full this evening it may be asking a little too much.
That's all, I'm off to play.
1) A Full House.
2) The kids washed up the dishes.
3) After Hunney helped to cook the dinner.
4) I'm spoiled rotten!


Miss 376 said...

I am sure she will love the pink. I have a friend whose littl girl loves pink so much she asked for a pink kitten

AnnieO said...

I like the simple pink frame--it lets that cute applique and stitching stand out. Congrats on yet another finish. It feels so good to say "I've finished another", doesn't it!

Janet said...

love the pics, and the pink is lovely...yes got your invite, than you..