Sunday, 7 June 2009

More stitchery and a parcel.

When I got back from grocery shopping yesterday there was a cute little package waiting on the stairs. I knew right away what it was and left everybody else to put the groceries away so I could play. I didn't get too far before I remembered I would need the camera.
Andrea had put a few extras in with her jelly roll.
An adorable little tin and some Aida band with a pretty blue floss.
And a sweet hand made card.
But here it is, the really important very own, very unique Jelly Roll.

Look how tidy it is. Andrea cut all the strips from her stash and rolled them up just like a bought one!

I daren't open it up to look just yet, I know I'll make a mess of it.

Oops! One slice escaped, but Andrea tucked it into the box.
There are some very pretty fabrics here, lots which I would never buy to be honest, but that's OK because I'll use all of these. I already have a plan in mind. I know exactly what I'll be making with this very special Jelly roll.
Thank you Andrea, for a very special give away.
After all the excitement and some lunch I got on and prepped the next pieces of Verandah Views and Country calendar. Here we have 'Flying Lessons' from Verandah Views.
And May and June speak for them selves. May was already done, but I finally put an iron over it.

The lil' bug on June reminds me very much of the cockroach on the movie 'Walle' I was very tempted to stitch him black! (The movie is a must see! I laughed and cried!)
I carried on in the stitchy groove right up until I ran out of day light and completed this little freebie. I'm sorry I can't remember where I found it. If you know, please let me know, so I can give credit to the designer.
I plan to finish this into a little wall hanger for a friend, it's her birthday this week. I have it already sandwiched and quilted, I just need to add binding today and it's done.
I wonder if I have time to make a little something for Janice, I've invited her and her husband Mike for their dinner today. I have a mountain of ironing which I want to get rid of before they arrive, but I should have time to whip something together.
Is nobody interested in my little give away? I'll leave it for a week and if there are no takers I'll donate it to somewhere, as I really won't use it, both pieces totally un inspire me!
Today is Mad Sunday! A legendary part of the TT festival when all the visitors to the island and some locals also take a ride around the course. Some trying to do it at race speeds! Those of us with brains stay home. DD Kay is off out with her camera, sometimes it can turn into a bit of a fancy dress parade! With bikes and their riders dressed up and decorated. Sometimes bears and other toys are strapped to pillion seats. It can be quite entertaining. I'll stay at home and play today.
1) Another day off with Hunney.
2) Goodies in the mail.
3) Lots of little finishes.


Jeanne said...

That funny little bird in Flying Lesson is sooo cute!

Karen said...

Flying Lesson is so cute. I'm just working on Fowl Play.

quiltygal said...

Lovely "Jelly Roll" I did the same thing for my groups secret santa last xmas I cut 2.5 strips from all my xmas material she made a lovely lap quilt with you are getting excited about your trip now...Im still planning mine for next year!! have a good week..

Miss 376 said...

Don't blame you for lettin them put away the groceries, a lovely box to unpack. Just love flying lessons