Tuesday, 23 June 2009

When you're only short.......

If you're anything like me your foot struggles to reach the pedal on your sewing machine. I've been on the lookout for a while for something, anything that would mean I didn't have to sit right on the edge of my seat. This is a riser, an aide we used to use at work, but is now defunct, we are no longer allowed to use it.
When I spied it on the way to the bin I claimed it, the boss man looked at me like I was mad when I said what I wanted it for, but hey, it was going to the bin so why not? This little rise makes my life so much easier. :-)
There has to be a pretty picture too. I just completed this little wall hanging for one of my nieces, the stitched area is a Pat Sloan freebie which I linked to previously. (Last week I think)
I did the stitches in two variegated threads and I even dated it, well Pat had dated her design!
That's it for these little pretties for a while. Though I do still have to make up the needle case with the Cinderberry freebie design. (Link in last post) I have promised to make up some more shopping bags for a colleague, she has an old cross stitched birthday card which she would like me to incorporate somewhere, she did suggest on a pocket. I also want to get on with my denim quilt and French Roses has a go at making me feel guilty now and again.
Did I mention that my first issue of my subscription to Australian Patchwork and Quilting has arrived, I love it, I've read it about six times! I got back on to the supplier and asked her if she would be good enough to add Homespun to my subscription too, which she has done. Neither one has a time limit, I can quit or swap to a different magazine when ever I like. Cool. Lots and lots of new inspiration.
Work is a mess of early shifts all week so I'll be back when I can. Take care.
1) The temp and humidity have dropped. Today was a melter.
2) Chinese take away for tea, it was too hot to cook.
3) Reusable rubbish!


Miss 376 said...

You're nieces are going to be so pleased with what you have done for them.

AnnieO said...

I have the opposite problem--I am tall and have manually tried to remove my kneecap easily 1000 times getting up from the tiny old metal desk that I have my sewing on--it used to belong to DH when he was a kid! I think I have permanent bruises.

Your recent needlework looks just great--you should be very satisfied with yourself.

Keep Cool!

jannimary said...

You've been busy. The projects look great. I know exactly where you are coming from with your foot rest. I have the same problem with height (or lack thereof).

jannimary said...

Also, you will love Homemade. It is my favourite magazine. I also like AP&Q.

Karen said...

You did a wonderful job on the Pat Sloan freebie. I have that pattern and just the other day was thinking about it. Something else I can't wait to make! :)