Friday, 26 June 2009

Yay! A late shift.

I finally have a late shift. I don't think I'll be doing much sewing though as I have not touched my homework. I plan to at least complete the reading which was set, maybe once I do that I'll let myself play.
I'm kind of in between projects at the moment anyway, I finished closing the binding on penny Lemonade last night, look, here is all that is left of a jelly roll after two quilts and two grocery bags, pretty good huh?
Actually, I've used the check and the stripe fabric pieces to make a label, I didn't attach the label yet, but I did make it.
As soon as I was finished with the binding I washed the quilt and hung it to dry, this morning it is done and on my sewing chair. (No this is not my sewing chair.) Although it's not huge, it will be lovely to wrap up in while I do my cross stitch. That's if I ever get back to my cross stitch.
I was thinking last night about making another smaller quilt or two, something to hang on the wall, perhaps something autumnal to swap out the butterflies later in the year. I was also shopping! I've been to Fat Quarter Shop, where I spent a LOT of money, a fat quarter each of the entire Patisserie collection as well as some yards. A sale item fell into my basket too! Ooops! I have plans for all of it. I'll show and tell more when the fabrics arrive, about three weeks according to Kimberly's estimate. My pile of denim is still begging to be cut, but I really am struggling to find the right size template. As for the Shabby French Roses, well, maybe if I get my homework done, they will get a turn today, before I go into work.
Right, enough dreaming, I had better get on and do some reading. That will be easier while it is cooler. Take care.
1) Another finish.
2) Beautiful fabrics and designs.
3) Ice trays in the freezer!


Miss 376 said...

A very cosy addition to your sewing chair. Look forward to hearing your plans for the new fabric

Cardygirl said...

Love the quilt- I did it in Oh Cherry Oh with white & turqoise trim...really fresh! Bake shop is great!

jannimary said...

The quilt came up great. I'm looking forward to seeing your new purchases.

sewkalico said...

Another great quilt and I loved the butterflies too!