Sunday, 14 June 2009


You know, when I realised I already had a copy of the pattern for this quilt, (See previous posts) I had this dream that Janice and I would make it up at the same time, she on her side of the world, and me on mine. Janice making it in her colours and me in mine. I got so carried away with my plans that my fingers itched to get started and here I am, almost finished before Janice has even left the island! LOL Some stitching buddy I am!
The rate I'm going I'll have it done before she gets home.
The butterfly bodies are fused on and secured with blanket stitch, and this morning I've added the sashing and cornerstones leaving only a cream border to be added. I think I'll back this with more of that green fabric, it has tiny red cherries all over it and I thought it went well with all the red fabrics. I'm not sure how to quilt it, I may just buy a bunch of buttons and tie it with those at the corner stones. What do you think?
This one will hang on my wall, but I thought it would also make a beautiful crib quilt.
That's it for today, I'm off to add that border before I go to work.
1) Sometimes being dizzy is a good thing.
2) A quick stitch.
3) Easing back to work gently with late shifts.


AnnieO said...

What a bright and cheerful wall hanging this will be! I love your idea of tying it with buttons in the cornerstones. Simple and fun!

Miss 376 said...

This has come together so beautifully. It will be lovely with a cream border