Saturday, 15 August 2009

Another sleepless night.

Not entirely sleepless, same old thing, I sleep soundly until about 3.30 am, then ping!! I'm wide awake.
So when I gave up and got up, I turned my attentions to my sewing yet again.
I had this piece finished yesterday, but was waiting for it to dry, I use water soluble pen to mark my patterns.
This one also dried out yesterday evening.
I drew and started this one, this morning as soon as it was light enough to stitch.

I'm off out with my Hunney now.
1) Things to do.
2) My Hunney.
3) My Kids.


Lurline said...

Oh, so pretty! Hope you had a lovely time with Hunney!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Miss 376 said...

These are really pretty. I managed half hour longer than you this morning, lol

AnnieO said...

You're so quick with these little stitcheries! Makes me want to drag out my threads. But no, I have another quilty deadline to meet, plus a sewing room to put together :) Enjoy your day.

Allie said...

How sweet is that! I love those, Lou! I use a water soluble marker as well - love how they completely disappear. Great job!

em's scrapbag said...

Your stitchery looks lovely. Have fun with your hunney.

Jenny said...

Lovely stitching and designs Lou.