Friday, 21 August 2009

Can't sleep again!

I've been awake since just after 3am. Sigh. A mixture of sleeping so late yesterday, excitement for today and a little pain are all causes for my early rising today. The first two are self explanatory, but the pain? I burned my hand yesterday. I was rushing to get back to my sewing and grabbed a hot casserole without the oven mitt! I didn't do much sewing after that. There were some tears and some swear words. I managed to get the dinner back into the oven before spending the next hour with my hand under the cold tap. Hunney finished dinner when he got home and I spent the entire evening holding a cotton handkerchief stuffed with ice cubes. It seems to have done the trick, except for one stripe the entire length of my left thumb all the heat and fire has pretty much gone now. It could have been a whole lot worse. What was I hurrying to get back to? A whole bunch of these.

I have a dozen blue butterflies in progress. They are made entirely from my scraps box. I want to sash them with yellow, but I have virtually no yellow scraps, and very little yellow in my stash either, so that's something to look out for in Birmingham today.
** I thought I should edit to say, this is not a butterfly I have sewn, it's a clip are image I have on my computer, my butterflies are very scrappy and incomplete, I'll post pictures of them when I finish them.
LOL You all thought I had sewn that? I wish!**
Hunney and I have a bag ready to go with us today. Yes, he's coming with me, he knows there is no way I would go alone. Perhaps if I knew I was going to meet someone friendly there, but not to spend the whole day with no promise of a friendly face. I'm really not very confident in strange places and he knew he just had to come with me.
I think my thumb might let me play with the sewing machine for a while, so I'm off to finish my butterflies.
1) A scraps box.
2) My sweet Hunney.
3) The cold tap and ice cubes.


Miss 376 said...

Ouch, Loulee, hope the soreness goes today. Have a lovely time in Birmingham. I am sure you will find somthing for your butterflies, and more besides

Ali Honey said...

I hope you have a lovely time and the hand gives no more pain.
The colour in the butterflies wings is amazing.
I hope you packed your camera to show us where you go.

Jenny said...

Oh dear Loulee, you'll be tired tonight! Are you going to the quilt festival by any chance? I went a couple of years ago and would have gone this time if I could have persuaded someone to go with me. Enjoy!

Cardygirl said...

Looka fter your hand...your butterfly is STUNNING! You & I are both into butterflies at present...eerie!

Juliejaz said...

Ouchies! I hate burns - I hope that you heal up fast. That butterfly is beautiful! Have fun in Birmingham.

quiltmom said...

Hope you have a lovely trip to Birmingham and find the fabrics that you want. So sorry to hear about your hand- hope it does not give you grief while you are off on your journey.
Warmest regards,

Allie said...

OUCH!!!!!!!! I'm so glad you kept cold water and ice cubes on it. Nothing else works so well! I hope you're feeling better today and that you have a MARVELOUS time!

Rowyn said...

Have a wonderful trip. Your Hunney is so sweet to go with you!