Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Can't sleep.

Around 3am I realised that I wasn't going to sleep at all last night, my eyes were screwed shut and I was trying very hard to block out the sound of the rain on the roof and the gull chick keening across the road. So I gave up and got up!
I made another blue bag with more blue charms, I forgot to take a picture, it looks very similar to the one I made yesterday!
So at 05.30am I was twiddling my thumbs again and wondering what to do with myself now. I opened up my drawer and had a little tidy up and then pulled out the home made Jelly Roll which I won on Andreas give away. Before I knew what was going on I had it untied and was sorting out colour values.
There are some beautiful fabrics here and I have to say I would probably never have bought most of them. I also have to say that all together they look scrummy and I'm so pleased I have them.
It's inevitable I suppose that some of the fabrics just don't want to play nicely, or there will be one or two extras.
But I managed to get them into pleasing bundles which I think will work. The final two will stay together, I have a plan for them. It's not very obvious on this pic, but the flowers on the black do match the pink paisley.
I wondered if I might have problems with that red, but soon found it some friends.
All in all a very well behaved collection of fabrics.
I learned something too, I learned that four Jelly slices will make four sixteen patch blocks.
And that it won't take long to get all the blocks made!
I'd better go find something to use as sashing!
Thanks to Andrea what could have been a very frustrating night, turned into a very pleasant morning. I'm off to make more.
1) Home made Jelly Rolls.
2) Generous bloggers.
3) Inspiration in the middle of the night.


Shiree said...

midnight madness eh, well very early morning stuff. Sometimes you just have to get up and do these things huh,

quiltmom said...

What gorgeous colors and sumptious blocks you are making. It is going to a lovely quilted piece Loulee.
Thanks for sharing- Hope you are better able to sleep tonight.

Allie said...

My goodness, I wish I could be that productive when I have insomnia - good for you! What lovely fabrics.

Rose Marie said...

Golly, you had a bit of fun playing around in the wee hours of the morning. I've done the same and it is better than counting sheep. Happy Birthday!

black bear cabin said...

wow...those color combos are lovely...and i cant wait to see what they look like all together! nice job...but try to get some sleep :)

sewkalico said...

Very productive! I just toss and turn until I'm worn out ;-)