Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Can't sleep.

I'm having another of those sleepless nights. Not so productive this time though, Hunney has updated my laptop and I've spent the last couple of hours getting to grips with Windows 7. So far I'm unimpressed, for a start it can't see the card for my camera, I had to go find a USB cable instead of just popping the card into the slot in the front of the laptop! Oh yeah, and he lost a whole bunch of my favourites. He saved all the old IE favourites, but forgot about the Chrome favourites!
Why? You ask, does she need the camera in the middle of the night anyway?
Well I've finished all of my sixteen patch blocks, all 40 of em and I made up two special extras with some left overs. I'll let you have a closer peep at those another day.
All these blocks are now stitched together into rows with an off white sash and yesterday afternoon, just as Hunney came home I was starting to join the rows.
To border, or not to border? I don't have any of Andreas Jellies left, if I'm to add a border it would be made up from my own fabrics and I kind of don't want to do that, but I think the top may look odd stopping at the off white sash. I'll see how it looks when I get done putting all the rows together. I'll need to get my hands on some dream green too and find something for backing this beauty with.
I'm off, I have a little time to sew before I must go to work.
1) Pretty fabrics to play with.
2) I finally did some of that homework.
3) I remembered where the USB cable was stashed!


Miss 376 said...

The blocks look great, look forward to seeing them altogether. Computer changes can be a real pain, I am sure you will get it all suited soon

Ali Honey said...

Like you I hate it when an update "fixes things that weren't broken" and takes away parts that we like.
Hope your sleep pattern return to all night very soon. I hate being awake when I know I NEED the sleep.
Glad you got to sew a while. ( love the aqua blue in the blocks - gives them all a lift.)

jannimary said...

Aren't computers the best when all is going well and the worst when they are not!

Your blocks have turned out so well. It will be hard to decide what fabric to use for the border that won't be too busy.

Andrea said...

Lou - which one do you really want for a border ? If I have yardage of it I will let you have some xx

Allie said...

Oh aren't those pretty!!!!!