Saturday, 22 August 2009

The Festival of Quilts. Part One

I had a wonderful day, and for those who asked, my thumb only bothered me once, I had forgotten all about it and hitched it into my jeans to give them a yank and oh! That hurt, but only a little. As you know my Hunney was with me at the festival, he was relieved to see that he wasn't the only Hunney to be dragged along! He even received one or two compliments, from women whose Hunneys were not in attendance.
As there was so much to see and take in I was wandering between the quilts and the retail area. I'm a useless reporter and forgot all about getting numbers and names of quilts! That would have been so helpful just now. Sorry.
I didn't take pictures of everything, just what really caught my eye.

I loved these long thin pieces, some were obviously part of a larger project and others were made to be individual. I found them all very inspiring.
It was very busy and got busier as the day went on. At one point Hunney and I got separated! Thank goodness we both took our cell phones.
More of those long thin beauties.

My photos should be clickable for a closer look.

This postage stamp quilt was amazing, each tiny stamp had been appliqu├ęd on and then each stamp also had beads sewn around its edges. OMG! It was stunning.

I have lots more photos.........


Cardygirl said...

Love the postage stamp quilt...on to your next post...thanks for sharing your trip with us!

Allie said...

I love those long thin quilts - amazing - and so glad you both had your cell phones, lol!

Lynda said...

Did we go to the same exhibition? Can't remember half those quilts! Ah, yes, I remember the 'Celebration' ones (in strips). They were fabulous.