Saturday, 22 August 2009

FoQ Part Four.

The Hexie quilts were stunning and I had to get one or two images. This one is huge.
And this one was just amazing.
Each little hex had been individually quilted it looked like dozens and dozens of little flowers.
A log cabin hex.

Some smaller pieces.
And some more crowds.
Thats it, thats all my pictures from the exhibition. I could possibly have squeezed them into two posts, but what the heck, it's done now.
I'll show my new stash in yet another post! LOL
I had a wonderful day and would definitely go again, I'd even drag Hunney along if I couldn't find someone else to go with. Maybe a bunch of us bloggers should agree to meet up one day next year? You know, Hunneys are good, but there is nothing like discussing quilts with other quilters.
1) Spare batteries for the camera.
2) Loads of inspiration.
3) A great day out.


Karen said...

Those hexagon quilts are amazing. Must be a million pieces between the two of them!

Allie said...

Wow - that's a LOT of hexagons! I sure wish I could meet up with you next year.