Saturday, 22 August 2009

FoQ Post 5 of 5 The Haul.

I went to the festival with birthday money burning a hole in my purse. So what did I buy? A bit of everything.
This book was a must. There are some delightful quilts in here, all of which were exhibited at the festival.
I could relate to many of the images having already been to NZ. Hunney too seemed impressed with what he saw at this particular stand.
I've been keeping an eye open for this little book ever since Jannimary gifted another Anni Downs book to me earlier this year.
I love the cover design and plan to make my own advent tree.
This one is for a gift. I do have a Tilda book and I have made a couple of the projects, but it's really not my style, I know just the woman though!
I also got my hands on some christmas patterns,
and a cute kit, I fell in love with this chook just as soon as I saw the model handing on the wall of the kiosk.
I also bought some fabrics, I topped up on some Christmas fabrics
and of course, I had to get some yellows!
And who could resist the beautiful dyed threads, it was hard to choose, especially as I had no particular project in mind, I just 'needed' some pretty threads! LOL
See, I was quite well behaved, it's only a small pile.
And I carried it all the way home, I didn't ask Hunney to help at all.
That's it, my Festival of Quilts experience in five blog posts. Enjoy the pictures.


Rowyn said...

Wow, sounds like you had a fabulous time. Great stash!

Thanks for sharing the quilt photos. The phoenix quilt is AMAZING!!

My sister is a quilter, but I can hardly sew to save my life. :-)

Karen said...

The threads are gorgeous colors! I can see why you bought them.

jannimary said...

You were very restrained, but what you did collect is beautiful. You'll be busy now.

Cardygirl said...

Great pics...glad you both had a good day...the Anni Downs book is great, my daughter & I have done a few things out of it. Love your goodies.

Ali Honey said...

Good shopping Lou!

I ofcourse like the pheonix quilt and the different ways they used hexagons, but best is the one at the bottom; the houses through bubbles...that's so different- I love it.

Allie said...

Oh golly - I want the first and third book. You are really making me anxious for our Sewing Expo coming up, lol! You got some GREAT treasures!

quiltmom said...

Lovely fabrics, Loulee, and some very nice books to keep you busy with new projects.
I really liked the chicken pattern - it will make a very fun wallhanging.
A girl can always find a way to use Christmas fabrics- and a spot of yellow is just the perfect fabric addition to any quilt.
All in all you found some wonderful finds.

I really enjoyed looking at your photos from the show. I have made the log cabin hexagon pattern- it was the center of the Chuppah quilt that I showed earlier in the year. We extended the pattern out to form a center 72 inches square.
It was blue and white and was made for the Jewish synagogue for weddings. The couple stands under the Chuppah(canopy) while the rabbi unites them in marriage.
Have a great weekend.
Warmest regards,

sewkalico said...

Wonderful shopping. I also have that Tilda book on my list. My friend took the coach down today and only told me yesterday that there were still places :-(

Karen said...

Fun! Fun! Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!