Friday, 28 August 2009

It's all or nothing!

Yesterday the postie brought my yellow with a hint of blue fabric, which I had ordered for the Blue Butterfly quilt. Then today he brought my dream green wadding, so I was spoiled for choice this morning.
Yesterday after work I put the final border onto my Welsh Jellies, and this morning I pieced a back for it. Then set off pinning, but I ran out. I'm not even half way with the pinning, so once again it was off to my favourite on-line shop and by mid morning tomorrow I should have plenty more quilters safety pins.
I did look in the stitchy crafty shop we have here in town, but she doesn't have any. She stocks mostly wools and cross stitch supplies along with lots of general sewing supplies, but not much in the way of quilty stuff.
So, here's where the Welsh Jellies is at just now......
Well I can't move it, but what I will do is put the chairs back into the sides of the table so that they take the weight of the dream green, it does stretch a little and I don't want that. It looks so small here in this image, but believe me, it's not! At about 94 X 86 this will be the largest quilt I have ever made.
So, having come to a sudden and rude halt on that, it was onto something else. I made the binding for the Blue Butterflies and got that attached. I'm off to sit on the sofa and neaten all the quilting threads on it before going to work today and tomorrow while I wait for the postie again I'll close up the binding.
Maybe I'll get to start quilting the Welsh Jellies before I have to go into work at 3pm tomorrow.
I didn't go up to the sewing shop near the office yesterday, the rain persisted in lashing down all day, apparently we got the end of a hurricane! It must have been the wet end as the winds although strong were not damaging. So no new goodies except those which I needed.
1) Mail order supplies.
2) Plenty to keep me busy.
3) No rain today.


Miss 376 said...

It gave us a wet and grey day too. The binding fabric for the butterflies is very pretty. It's going to be a lovely finish

Rose Marie said...

Love your Welsh Jellies and what a terrific name! Is the green batting good for doing both machine and hand quilting?

Annemariesquilt said...

Hi there thank you for visiting my blogg, nice to meet someone new..
Today I have been visiting yours.. Lots of beautiful things going on here too!
Take care and have fun ;-))

Cardygirl said...

The quilt is looking great...send some rain over here!

Jenny said...

Those quilts look great but I especially like the blues and yellows on your butterflies.

Allie said...

That quilt is stunning - too bad about running out of pins! The butterflies are looking great too!